The top three cars fought a fierce battle 2011 F1 World Championship Germany GP

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The German Grand Prix of F1 World Championship was held on July 25 at Nürburgring in Germany.

There are a lot of F1 drivers from Germany, and there are six people currently active in Vettel (Red Bull), Rosberg (Mercedes), Schumacher (Mercedes), Sutil (Force India), Heidfeld (Lotus), Glock (Virgin).

Vettel was expected to be his mother country GP and he was expected to have a pole position, but his team mate, Weber robbed Paul. Hamilton second place, Vettel 3rd, 4th place Alonso. Kobayashi Kamui started 17th.

In the weather where the rain drifts immediately before the race starts, Hamilton takes the top in the race where the condition of the road surface is very low and the condition of the tire is difficult to warm up, Webber is second fastest. Also, Vettel and Alonso who started from the side-by-side grid, although Alonso stands ahead of himself, is struck by the gap that overrun slightly and is in the original ranking. In the back, Kobayashi who started 17th was raised to 12th place without five and 24th starting buenemi also pulled out of six to 18th.

On lap eight, Alonso attacked Vettel again and took third place. Although Vettel gave up to Alonso, he sprang on a wet lawn and sprang up with Alonso, and on the contrary it is shaped to catch up with Rosberg and Massa coming from behind. After that, Alonso will form a head group with Hamilton, Weber and will fight the approaching battle with each difference being less than 1 second.

Heidfeld who is cheered in his home country GP touched Buemi on lap 11. Heidfeld is steadily pointing at the podium finish in nine races so far and five winnings so far, but it became a sore retirement.

On the 12th lap, Mosa is running side-by-side with a violent battle by Rosberg and Massa running in fifth place. The attacked Massa touched lightly and pulled out of Rosberg to 5th place.

On lap 15, Webber pitted in first from the group and returned to the track behind Massa (fifth place). Hamilton and Alonso also follow. After this, Massa pulls out Vettel just before the pit in, and stays at the top while not pitting in. Ranked to Massa, Weber, Hamilton, Alonso, Sutil (not pitted). Massa pits in the next lap and Webber takes over the top.

It was Barrichello (Williams) who ended the race following Heidfeld, due to oil leaks.

On lap 24, Rosberg and Schumacher, who had been chasing after each other in team mate, Schumacher dropped off to the 11th place at the same place as Vettel spun. Although Kobayashi was in the 14th position, he pulled out of the 13th place Maldonado, and the 12th ranking Diresta was pitting in, so he decided to put it behind Schumacher.

Starting from lap 31, the first group started the second pit stop. Here Hamilton will be headed again. Although Fernando Alonso stands at the top once at the timing of the pit out, the Ferrari machine which is said to be "tire friendly" is slow to start the speed as the tire warms up and will be pulled out by Hamilton before earning the speed became. However, Alonso does not allow overtaking by Webber, ranking Hamilton, Alonso, Webber.

Baton (McLaren) who was running a line that seems to be able to win less noticeably failed at the start from the 7th position and fell to the 10th position, and at the same time the timing of the pit also matched to 4th Although raised the position, retired due to oil pressure problems. It ended in regretless no point.

After this, Liuzzi (Hispania) also retired from trouble of the electric system.

Hamilton is the last pit stop on lap 52. Alonso earns time to return to the front of Hamilton after the pit work, but Hamilton did not have difficulty handling this and got out before Alonso who finished the pitting, the ranking did not change, Hamilton, Alonso, Webber ranked last Even if the pit is over, it remains. Hamilton gave the 2nd victory this season as it decided this way.

In addition, the conflict between Massa and Vettel enters the pit of the last lap (the two did not digest the tire exchange obligation to use the two prepared tires during the race). At the time of pitting in front of Massa, Vettel was reversed because Red Bull's pit work was quick, Vettel finished 4th and Massa 5th finish. Even in past races Ferrari has a case where the pit work is about 1 second slower than Red Bull, and this time also it is highly likely that Massa was still in 4th place if working at the same time as Red Bull was finished It was regrettable content.

The ranking within the 6th place winning range is Sutil, Rosberg, Schumacher, Kobayashi, Petrov. Kobayashi earned points for three races.

By the way, as evidence of the harsh battle of the first three groups, Alonso's machine stopped (as instructed from the team) because the fuel remained a little due to the cool down lap after the checker. There was a scene that Alonso came back on the side pot of Webber's machine.

2011 F1 German Prix Mark Webber Gives Fernando Alonso A Lift Back To The Pits - German F1 GP - YouTube

The next round is Hungary GP. The final is held on 7/31 of the weekend without any holidays.

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