F1 world championship Hungarian Grand Prix where the result rarely depends on rare rainy weather every twenty five years


On July 31st the F1 World Championship Hungarian Grand Prix final was held on the circuit in Hungary, Hungaroring.

As a result of the qualifying, Red Bull Sebastian Vettel won a pole position since the European Grand Prix. Behind it is Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button's McLaren combi, followed by Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso's Ferrari combination. Vettel's teammate, Mark Webber, has been in the race from the sixth position.

The Hungarian Grand Prix is ​​often done under fine weather, and it was only one time that it was raining in the last 25 years, but this year it was raining since 2006 and we responded to each car and rainy weatherIntermediate tireIt was the start of wearing.

In the race, the rank will fluctuate greatly from the first lap with the weather also, but as Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) rose to fourth place, the fifth place was Alonso , Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) in the 6th place, Massa in the 7th place, Webber in the 8th place, Paul Di Lesta (Force India) in the 9th place, Kobayashi Kamui (Sauber) in the 10th place.

Although it is a tire-friendly machine, it can use the same tire for a long time, while Ferrari, which is often late for warming up the tire and suffering in the race under heavy weather, Alonso surpassed Rosberg on the third lap and rose to fourth place.

Vettel was top running with the aim of winning the championship for the first time but on the fifth lap there was a mistake of overrun, while Hamilton is at the forefront. Massa, who climbed to sixth on the eighth lap, spun and retreated to ninth while returning to the race.

Webber pitted in at the end of lap 10 when the course began to dry gradually and replaced with dry tires' super soft tires. Massa, Vitaly Petrov (Renault), Rubens Barrichello (Williams) and others continued, and in the next lap also the baton exchanged tires.

Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Rosberg also pitted in on the 13th lap, temporarily to the top Schumacher.

On lap 14, Baton took Vettel to rise to second place, McLaren was in a one-to-one attitude. Webber also surpassed Alonso and climbed to 4th place, and Red Bull runs 4th place in 3rd place is completed.

Jarno Trulli of Lotus was the first to retire in this race. On lap 20 I was driving but there was a water leak. Team mate Heiki Kovalainen has also retired from this point.

On the lap 25 when the race moves to the middle stage, the leaders are ranked by Hamilton, Baton, Vettel, Weber and Alonso. Nick Heidfeld of Renault who entered the pit in this lap was a pit out while raising the white smoke from the machine and finally the flame went up during the exit of the pit lane and stopped the car and retired as it was (fire from the battery of KERS It is seen). Furthermore, on lap 29, Schumacher retired after spinning.

Highest rank has not changed easily, Hamilton, Baton, Vettel, Weber, Alonso in turn. Behind it there is a small Kobayashi who keeps pit count and Massa and Rosberg continue. Kobayashi Kobayashi retreats to 7th place after passing through Massa on lap 35.

Alonso hardly passed through Weber, and on 37th lap he underwent an undercut strategy to exchange tires with early pit-in.

When you pit in, you will lose about 20 seconds at a time (depending on the circuit) because there is a pit lane speed limit and tire change working time, so the timing when the tire loses grip and the time goes down, It is necessary to get into the pit successfully in consideration of the time difference with the rival behind.

At that time, Alonso was in a state where it could not escape to pull out Webber, so I pitted in and expanded the difference with Webber daringly, raised time quickly with new tires, and then took over the strategy to overtake when Webber pitted in. This strategy worked brilliantly, and when Webber pitted on lap 40, Alonso succeeded to stand in front of Webber. Furthermore, on the 42nd lap Vettel also succeeded in pulling this out while pitting in, and it will rise to 3 rd place.

Baton will pit in on lap 43, but this will return to the course in front of Alonso. Hamilton did not give up to the top, ranking second place, Baton 3rd, Alonso 3rd, Vettel 4th, Webber 5th. It was Alonso who went inside the award ceremony at a stretch, but in the 45th lap I was transferred to Vettel to fall to the fourth place.

On lap 47, Hamilton spinning steadily leading to this point was spinning. In the meantime, the second baton is on top. But on lap 51 this time Baton overrun and Hamilton returned to the top. Even though Baton took over Hamilton again at the start of the first corner on lap 52, Hamilton will fight a fierce battle by his team mate who will take back the top.

Webber and Hamilton will appear in gambling to exchange for intermediate tires at the last tire change, in a subtle weather where the rain drips in a dusty mood. However, this came out backfired and dropped the time greatly, Webber switched to soft tire again on lap 54. Hamilton was also overtaken by Alonso, to return to soft tires on lap 55.

Unfortunately for Hamilton, he received a drive-through penalty as returning from a spin on lap 47 was an interference with other vehicles, and he penalized for lap 57. Meanwhile Massa and Webber pulled out and retreated to 6th place. Webber and Hamilton will continuously draw Massa on lap 59 on this occasion.

Kobayashi who was running at the eighth fastest while undergoing a battle with heavy heads was also undergoing the brutality of Di Lesta, Sebastian Buemi (Toro Rosso), Jaime Arguelles Ali (Toro Rosso), Rosberg. Although Kobayashi had kept defense in the harsh conditions, the tire is near the limit, falling to the 11th place outside the winning range, allowing overtaking when slipping.

On the other hand, on the lap 64, Hamilton pulled Webber back to fourth place. However, in addition to this, the ranking did not change, the baton received a checkered flag at the beginning. Baton was a race of the milestone that this race debuted at the 200th race. By the way, Baton has achieved his first victory in Hungaroring in 2006, and that race was a rare case that it rained only once in the past.

Vettel secured second place. Alonso in third place, Hamilton in fourth place, Webber in fifth place, Massa in sixth, McLaren, Ferrari, Red Bull solidified the top.

In the drivers' ranking, Vettel who steadily points this time also gains 234 points and makes a difference of 85 points behind. Below 2nd is close contact with Weber (149 points), Hamilton (146 points), Alonso (145 points), Baton (134 points).

The next race is the Belgian Grand Prix on August 28th, about a month off. To be the stageSpa · FrancorchampsIt is also known as the circuit where the driver 's arm is tried, and it is noteworthy how much interesting development it will be except for mere machine superiority or inferiority.

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