Champion will be decided, Night race F1 world championship Singapore GP result

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On September 25, the F1 World Championship Singapore Grand Prix final race was held. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel showed overwhelming strength this year, with Vettel 1st in this race and Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) in fourth place, Jenson Button (McLaren) and Mark · When Weber (Red Bull) became the third place or less, here was the difference that Vettel decided to be a champion here.

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Vettel also earned a pole position in this race. Webber who is expected to play a role in holding down Alonso and baton is in second place. Baton and Luis Hamilton's McLaren combination are still third fastest, third fastest, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa's Ferrari combination finished fifth fastest in the sixth place still not wanting to let Vettel decide champion yet.

At the start, Vettel, Baton and Alonso worked side by side odd side grid favorably, and Webber was delayed, so that Vettel, Baton, Alonso, Webber ranked. Especially big confusion did not occur at the start, but Daniel Richard (Hispania) damaged the front wing.

In the race there are two types of tire set, Super Soft Tire and Soft Tire, and as the tire is softer, the grip strength becomes stronger, which is advantageous for high-speed driving but its deterioration is also correspondingly earlier, but in this case Although super soft was too bad to keep and many cars started out with super soft tires, in particular, Alonso was quick to accumulate damage, and it was expanded to the Webber overtaken by the start from the back, finally on lap 10 To allow overtaking. Alonso will pit in at the end of this lap and will exchange early for soft tires.

Massa and Mr. Hamilton who was running in the 6th position were on the same lap on the 12th lap and pitted in the same lap. Massa changed to soft tire like Alonso, Hamilton replaced super soft tire and returned to the course. Want to make use of the advantage of super soft tire quickly Hamilton aggressively attacks Massa, but it attacks Massa too much with an aggressive attack, and the front wing will be greatly damaged. Also, Massa punctures the rear tire and pits in again at the end of the lap.

Alonso paced up with the undercut strategy to replace soft tires ahead of time with success. I will return the ranking while Webber is in the pit.

Prior to this, Vettel, Baton, Paul Di Lesta (Force India), Sergio Perez (Sauber), Alonso.

On lap 30 Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), Perez, Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) fought a three-way battle. Peres pushes a momentary driving mistake of Rosberg before going out, but Rosberg again lined up in the next straight and lightly touched. Perez pushed from the side turns off the course and will recover behind Rosberg somehow, but Schumacher will compete here. Schumacher touched Perez, whether he aimed for jumping into the in the next corner. Although Perez did not hurt big damage, Schumacher crashed into the wall and finish the race here.

Safety car entered due to this crash, and Vettel who had entered into a sole escape with a big difference made to lose the difference. Behtet is behind Baton, Alonso, Weber and the face that hinders winning the champion is wearing.

Hamilton entered the pit at the timing of the safety car and exchanged tires. From here we will raise the pace and carry overtake shows, gradually raise the ranking from 15th position and we will raise the rank up to 5th place in the lap of lap.

From the lap 48 laps the top team is the last pit stop. Vettel was pit stop affordable because he made a big margin again. Vettel, Baton, Weber, Alonso, Di Lesta, Rosberg, Sutil, Perez, Hamilton, Alonso again go out of the podium.

Baton continues to attack until the end, the difference with Vettel in the remaining two laps is 5 seconds. It keeps making a difference until the last end, but the difference of 1 737 remaining is not filled, the victory is Vettel. Baton in second place, Webber in third place. Alonso got married 4th on the podium.

As a result, Vettel was almost in the middle of the championship, but it was in a situation of barely not enough for one point to be confirmed.

The next race is the Japan Grand Prix held at Suzuka Circuit on October 9th. While Vettel is sure to win the championship, I'd like to expect what kind of driver such as Weber and Alonso will show up and what kind of activity Kamui Kobayashi will become active in his home country GP.

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