2011 F1 World Championship Chinese Grand Prix, the results of Vettel during the opening two consecutive wins


Local time On April 17, the China Grand Prix final of the F1 World Championship was held.

2011 FORMULA 1 UBS CHINESE GRAND PRIX Provisional Results

As a result of qualifying, Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) won the pole position. Followed by Jenson Button (McLaren), Luis Hamilton (McLaren), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), Felipe Massa (Ferrari), Vettel's teammate Mark Webber I got a start from the 18th place with a mistake in tire selection in qualifying. Also, Japan's Kabayashi Kamui (Sauber) started 13th.

In the opening lap, Baton quickly took over Vettel and took the top, Hamilton followed it, and the 1st to 3rd place will be replaced. Vettel was sealed from the openingKERS(Cars) was used, but still to be pulled out results.

In the race, Jaime Argurgas Ali (Toro Rosso) will be out of the race due to the dropout of the right rear tire, but in the end the only retirement at this race was Argüè Els Ali.

Even though Button and Vettel pit stop earlier in the lap, Baton slightly loses time due to momentarily accidentally entering the pit of Red Bull, where Vettel will overturn the baton. When each car finished the first pit, the head turns to Rosberg, and in the following order, Vettel, Button, Massa, Hamilton, Michael Schumacher (Mercedes), Alonso, Paul di Lesta (Force India).

Alonso who challenged Schumacher who once reigned as Schumacher who once reigned as the emperor of the F1 world and who took away the champion will fight a battle with that Schumacher, Schumacher will contain Alonso for about 10 laps, but at the end the first corner Alonso who skillfully poked in by plunging in will overtake Schumacher.

However, as many machines took a strategy to perform three pit stops, Alonso took a two-stop strategy, so after that run it will run at its own pace without battle with Rosberg, Baton, and Hamilton To

In the latter half of the session, Vettel started, while the second position remained in the form of Hamilton, but Hamilton caught Vettel in the last lap and emerged as the leader. In addition, Webber who came up to 4th place without 14 batters caught the baton in the last 2 laps and climbed to 3rd place, and the race finally arrived.

Hamilton 1st, Vettel 2nd, Webber 3rd, Baton 4th, Rosberg 5th, Massa 6th, Alonso 7th, Schumacher 8th, Petrov 9th, Kobayashi Kami Wei, 10th place.

Hamilton added 25 points and totaled 47 points, but Vettel also gained 12 points in 2nd place and became 68 points in total, and he did not yield the leadership of the drivers' ranking. Below, Baton is 38 points, Webber 37 points, Alonso 26 points, Massa 24 points.

Next is Turkish Grand Prix on 8th May.

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