2011 F1 World Championship Canadian Grand Prix is ​​a fierce battle in the rain

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The F1 Canada Grand Prix was held at Circuit Gill Villeneuve in Montreal on Sunday, June 12th. The race was the race with the first rain at F1 this year and it became a general wave of the rush.

Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull), which has won five races this season so far, won a pole position even in this race, followed by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa's Ferrari combination behind him, followed by Mark Webber (Red Bull) And who was the one who received the checkered flag at the top while Red Bull and Ferrari set the top?


Race - Button takes last - gasp win in Canadian epic

As a result of qualifying, Vettel, Alonso, Massa, Weber, Luis Hamilton (McLaren), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) started in order. However, the race was held in rainy weather,Safety carIt was on the fourth lap that the start was cut off at the beginning and the safety car went out.

Introduction It was Hamilton that unexpectedly disappeared from this race. The cause is contact when trying to overtake teammate Jenson Button from the outside on the home straight. Here comes the safety car and will restart from lap 12. Kobayashi Kamui (Sauber) who started 13th is pushing the ranking to 6th place by this time.

After this, the safety car will enter the lap on lap 20 due to rain, and will be suspended on lap 25. Kobayashi came up to second place at the time of this interruption.

The race is suspended for more than two hours, restarted at the safety car leadership, and the 35th lap will be restarted. Late 37th lap from this restart, this time Alonso comes in contact with Baton and retires, and the safety car enters again.

On the 40th lap the third restart was cut off. After this, the rain will cease and a fierce battle will be unfolded. Kobayashi continued to be attacked by Massa from the back, but finally overtook on lap 51. At this time, Michael Schumacher (Mercedes), who was still behind the scenes, will overtake Kobayashi with Massa and jump to second place. On lap 54 Kobayashi was withdrawn to Baton and retreated to fifth place.

In addition, Nick Heidfeld (Renault) also hits Kobayashi on lap 55, but as the tires touched each other, Heidfeld crashed and retired. As a result, the safety car is going to enter again.

On the 61st lap a fourth restart, Vitaly Petrov (Renault) climbed Kobayashi in this lap and climbed to fifth place. Vettel flees from the front and ranks second for Schumacher, Webber and Button, but in particular, Baton is in good condition, surpassing Webber and Schumacher to 2nd place and aim for Vettel in a stroke.

Whether Vettel seemed to be the seventh win ... ... It was thought that it was unlikely that Vettel could withstand the pressure of the baton, which was supposed to be the last lap, Vettel spun and Baton took the lead in this gap and won the first season this season. Vettel regretably ranked second. 3rd place is Weber, 4th place is Schumacher, 5th place is Petrov, Kobayashi is finally 7th place passed by Massa.

In the drivers' ranking, Vettel is single-handed with 161 points, but this time the baton scored 25 points and became the 2nd place with 101 points. It is in a state in which there is a considerable difference from the back, in a form that follows the third place Webber (94 points), fourth place Hamilton (85 points).

Next is the European Grand Prix on June 26, set in the Valencia city area circuit.

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