Kamauchi Kamui starts 10th place in the 2011 Formula 1 World Championship Malaysia GP

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On April 10, the final of the F1 World Championship Malaysia Grand Prix was held.


The reason I secured the first place in the qualifying is that the other dayPaul Twin at the Australian Grand PrixSebastian Vettel (Red Bull) decorated. McLaren Lewis Hamilton, second fastest McLaren's Mark Webber, fourth fastest Jenson Button of McLaren, Ferrari's Fernando Alonso Fifth and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, and so on.

But in the race, Webber dropped the ranking at the start on the first lap and Nick Heidfeld (Renault), who was 6th fastest, began to rise second in the second place, such as the development of a little turbulence. Fernando Petrov of Renault and Felipe Massa of comrades are also exchanged for Alonso and it will be a difficult race to lower the position to 7th place.

Weak rain began at the end of the lap when Vettel first entered lap 14. Vettel, which was just the timing of the pit stop, was replaced with soft tire as it was. About every 17th lap around this time, each car will have its first pit stop. Weber suffered from the condition of the tire and will make a second pit stop on lap 23. At this point the top is Vettel. Hamilton, Alonso, Baton, and Heidfeld followed the rest.

Current F1 regulations have an obligation to wear both soft tires and hard tires during the race. Soft tires are excellent in grip strength, easy to produce good time while durability is not high, grip force will fall off quickly if you use too much lap. On the other hand, hard tires have a high durability, but since the grip force is not as great as the soft tires, it is important as a team strategy to determine how long the tire will be used depending on the circuit and the weather.

In this time, the hard tire did not exert durability as much as each team thought, and it was in a condition that it can not keep the tire more than 16 laps. Hamilton was also suffering from this hard tire, and it stopped pit stop for tire change in the last three laps.

Vettel continued running smoothly from the beginning that I won the championship. Baton who ran without second place with big problems, and third place was a veteran Heidfeld who was appointed as a substitute for Robert Kubica in the accident before the start of the season. Webber who did 4th pit stop won the 4th place without being able to cross Heidfeld.

Kamui Kobayashi got a battle with Webber who dropped the rank in the first half of the race and Michael Schumacher (Mercedes) in the midst of the race and finished in eighth place. After that, Hamilton and Alonso received a penalty of 20 seconds, and we are moving up to 7th place.

Vettel ranked at 50 points in the drivers' ranking, and this is followed by baton (26 points), Hamilton (22 points), Webber (22 points), Alonso (20 points) chasing. The next race is the Chinese Grand Prix held next Sunday, April 17 (Sun).

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