Running at the full speed with the balance ball, trying to hit the shock by hitting it is also a disaster

balance ballSpeaking of it, it is a tool to train muscular strength with exercise using the instability of a sphere by riding on or riding on top, but this is a dangerous game in which two people face each other, run at full speed, play by playing at full speed I came up with a movie that I tried actually.

The movie that I tried to hit with the balance ball is from the following.Yoga Ball Jousting Should Be A Sport! (Video) | Total Pro Sports

YouTube - gravity wins

You have a balance ball and face each other.

Hold the ball in front of the body, prepare to run and determine the opponent's position well.

And dash with full power.

Ball and ball touch.

One blows off with tremendous momentum.

My body is skipped, my feet are rising above my head.

Those who were blown fell as it was and it stopped moving. Are you okay……

As long as it is on a soft mat or the like, there is a danger of hitting the head with the floor or surrounding things, so it seems better to stop managing easily.

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