2011 F1 World Championship Spain Grand Prix, the spectator's voltage from the first lap cheerful

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The F1 Spain Grand Prix was held on the Catalan Circuit of Barcelona, ​​Spain on May 22nd.

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso, Toro Rosso's Jaime Argue Elsri, and Hispania Racing are their home GPs, so the audience was very exciting.


The winning pole position (1st place start position) this time is Mark Webber of Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel, who was in a pole position for the fourth consecutive race since the opening round, started from the second place. Below, Luis Hamilton (McLaren), Alonso, Jenson Button (McLaren), Vitaly Petrov (Renault), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes), Felipe Massa (Ferrari), Pastor Maldonado (Williams), Michael Schumacher Mercedes), and Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi Kamui became the 14th start.

Immediately after the start of the race, Alonso 3rd placed the lead by using KERS effectively. The Spanish native Alonso became the top and the audience's voltage suddenly came to a climax. Meanwhile, Baton failed to start and declined its rank. This will be ranked from the top by Alonso, Vettel, Weber, Hamilton, Petrov. Kobayashi Kamui has a punct that seems to be due to contact with Kovalainen after the battle with Argue Elsri Ali and will be making an emergency pit-in at the end of the first lap.

After that, when the top team finished the first pit, Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, Webber ranked. Although there is a difference of 2 seconds between Hamilton and Webber, the top three are approaching battle less than 1 second each.

Vettel made the second pit stop first, then Alonso and Webber pitted in the same lap. Vettel reversed Alonso here. The head changes to Hamilton which is not pitted in, followed by Vettel, Alonso, Webber.

Hamilton pits in on lap 26 and Vettel is at the top. Alonso and Webber were in the shape behind this, and the rankings were changed to Vettel, Hamilton, Alonso, Webber this time.

Alonso and Webber pitted at the same time on lap 30. While pitting work finishes working with Red Bull on the 3 second level, Ferrari took about 4 seconds and Webber will take the lead here, but Alonso held down Webber at the last minute and did not give up his rank.

Kobayashi got the best overall in sector 1 on lap 31, although time hardly increased because he was running on hard tire after exchanging the punctured tire.

After replacing Baton with a soft tire, performance gains. Weber over Lap 36 and Alonso on lap 37 to raise the rank. Alonso was the fourth pit stop on lap 40. The rankings will be Vettel, Hamilton, Baton, Weber, Alonso.

On lap 46, Vettel reports on the team radio that a problem occurred with KERS. By the way, only Hispania Racing Vintantonio Liuzzi retired at this point.

By the 16th lap remaining, the top five units are all pitting in. Hamilton became a pit stop later than Vettel, aiming for a reversal here, but it did not come true, the rankings remain Vettel, Hamilton, Baton, Weber, Alonso. Vettel and Hamilton will unfold a close battle with a difference of less than 1 second.

On lap 61, Massa retired off the track. As Kobayashi was in the 11th position, this made 10th place and within the point range.

Subsequent rank changes do not occur after this, Vettel, Hamilton, Baton, Webber, Alonso goal. Vettel won the 4th victory this season. Kobayashi also won the 10th place prize. I won the 13th prize in 26 games from my debut, how much the winning rate was 50%.

The drivers' ranking is Vettel expanding the figure greatly, with 118 points being the top, Hamilton chasing with 77 points. Below, 67 points for Webber, 61 points for Baton, 51 points for Alonso. The next is Rosberg's 26 points, so the champions' battle is narrowed down to nearly the top five people.

The next race is Monaco GP of May 29 next week.

Race result of the 2011 F1 World Championship Monaco Grand Prix who changed from Monaco to the exit without changing it to Monaco

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