The introduction of safety cars from the first lap, etc. The Brazilian Grand Prix was controlled by Red Bull's Mark Webber

On the morning of October 18th (Sunday), F1 World Championship Brazil Grand Prix was held. The 2009 World Championship World Championship championship has already been narrowed down to three drivers. Two of them are Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello of Brown GP who took over the former Honda team from this year and one is Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull.

Button earned a considerable point from the opening stage, the champion is decided if it goes up to the podium in this race (within 3rd place), while the other two have to earn points by not allowing the baton to rise to the podium , Especially Vettel became a tough race that the possibility of the champion disappears unless it falls within the second place in this race. After all, it was Marc Webber of Red Bull that was going to miss in the Japanese Grand Prix that hit the race.

Details are as below.
Jenson Button (Brown GP) is top with 85 points, Rubens Barrichello (Brown GP) 71 points, Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) 69 Brazilian Grand Prix began with points, with the possibility of these three people being the champions.

S. Vettel won the Japanese Grand Prix of Formula 1 World Championships in 2009, the champions battle will be further to the next round

The situation before each race of each driver was as follows.

Jenson Button
If it is within 3rd place in Brazilian Grand Prix, it will be decided as world champion without waiting for Abu Dhabi GP. For the third place, the total points earned for Baton will be 91 points, even if Barrichello wins in the next two races only the total points earned will be increased to 91 points, in the case of the same point the driver (= Baton) to become a champion.

Rubens Barrichello
Barrichello wanting to bring the settlement to Abu Dhabi GP requires a good run after Baton sinks below 4th place. Specifically, in the case of Baton 4, win the Barrichello, and in the 5th and 6th batons it is more than the Barricero 2 and so on.

Sebastian Vettel
Vettel with a difference of 16 points from Baton needs "Baton is less than 5th in Brazilian GP" "He himself needs 2nd place (but not 2nd place in 2 times)" in the remaining two races.

In addition, despite falling out of the championship battle, the performance has to be shown for next year, as well as the driver's thoughts are involved, the race has become a big upheaval.

Giancarlo Fisichella (Ferrari), which spins greatly, Heiki Kovalainen (McLaren) spins loud on the first lap, and the course is greatly diverted.

Jarno Trulli (Toyota) makes contact with Adrian Sutil (Force India) side by side.

Sutil and Trulli could not return to the race and retire.

Trulli stops at Sutil. It was pretty intensely angry.

The spinned form of Sutil's machine then slipped to the top of the course, and Fernando Alonso (Renault), while driving, was retiring from getting involved.

Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) also damaged the front wing with lap 1 and suddenly pitted in ... ....

However, Kovalainen, who had been pitting in at the same time, started launching and sprinkling gasoline while turning on fueling rig (nozzle of fueling device), Raikkonen which was behind it was blasted for a moment.

Kovalainen got a refueling rig out of the pit crew of Brown GP.

About 10 laps in the middle of the race, Baton aiming for the world championship can be held down by Kobayashi Kamui (Toyota). Lastly, in the corner braking match, Baton burning obsession with the champion went down the Kobayashi.

Kobayashi pitted out in front of Nakajima Kazuki (Williams), and Nakajima who tried to pull out from the inn stuck out inside the course and lost the front wing, fell into control and went into the tire barrier.

Nakajima is the only one of the drivers who is fighting throughout the year. It is about time that I want achievements.

Nick Heidfeld was running on the top. White smoke rose from the back of the machine and I retired.

Webber and Barrichello fought top to the end until the end but Barrichello punctured at the last minute, so Webber ran away and won the championship. The second place was Robert Kubica (BMW Sauber), the first podium this season, and Luis Hamilton (McLaren) who was ranked 17th in the third place.

Barrichello was sunk in the car line due to the punk above, and as a result Vettel did not grow, the baton who finished 4th became the world champion. In Brown GP, ​​Constructors (Manufacturers Division) also became world champions and achieved two crowns.

I decided the championship, but the F1 world championship continues until Abu Dhabi Grand on November 1 (Sunday). This is the last appealing location for drivers who have not been able to score much this year, so it may be a surprising driver's unexpected stiffness. Kobayashi Kamui in Toyota who entered tenth in the first race at this Brazilian Grand Prix can get another opportunity.

Additional notes:
Kovalainen received a penalty of 25 seconds in the case of tearing off the refueling hose at the pit stop, so it was relegated from the 9th place to the 12th place. Kamui Kamui became 9th place.

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