Only 1 point up to the championship decision, the 2011 F1 World Championship Japan GP which was held just before a decisive moment

Red Bull Sebastian Vettel showed overwhelming strength since the opening of the Formula 1 world championship this year. Vettel is a world champion of last year, it is natural that it is strong, but fighting with the first missing compared with the other drivers, fighting in the 10th roundI lose 4 games in the German Grand PrixFrom the first game to the ninth race secured a podium in succession (six in one set, three in two). It is the next race of the German Grand PrixHungary GPIt continued to rise again to the podium, and it was held on September 26Singapore GPThen, it becomes the first place, the rival Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) is less than 4th place, if Jenson Button (McLaren) and Mark Webber (Red Bull) are third place or less, the possibility of reversing the point any longer I got the situation that the champion was decided to be gone.

But in this Singapore GP baton favored. Although Vettel got first place, Button became the second place, so if Vettel scored 1 point later it would be impossible for other drivers to win the championship.Japan GPIt was decided to welcome.

2011 FORMULA 1 JAPANESE GRAND PRIX Provisional Results

Even if anyone wins the 10th place if he puts it within 10th place, it is Vettel who can become a world champion, but qualifying never pulls out at all, he gains a pole position which is a head position firmly. As we have done in many races, we aim to win by escaping at speeds surpassing others.

Although the point difference is widely open from Vettel, Button who secures 2nd place that the possibility is still not zero is secured. Baton's teammate, Luis Hamilton (McLaren) was in third place, and Felipe Massa (Ferrari) was in fourth place. Kabayashi Kamui (Sauber) who is expected to run well in his home country GP has started from 7th place.

Vettel decided to clean the start and ran as it was scheduled, but in the timing of the second pit, he was pulled out by baton and retreated to second place. In the meantime Alonso emerged as third fastest, Baton, Vettel, Alonso.

Hamilton and Massa, which are related to something in the Singapore GP etc, will contact even in this race, and Massa will damage the wing tip plate of the front wing. The wing end plate that dropped dropped on the course and at the same time fragments were placed in another place, so the safety car entered on lap 24, and the baton lost the difference attached to Vettel I will.

After restart, Baton pulled away Vettel in a stroke and succeeded in setting a difference of 2 seconds after a few laps. At the third pit stop timing, Vettel will also be pulled to Alonso.

Alonso chases the baton that is supposed to keep escaping from the beginning, but the rank has not changed until the end, and Baton wins. Baton has been running Formula 1 drivers since 2000 and this was the first Japan Grand Prix victory in his 12th challenge. In addition, Vettel entered 3rd place and it was decided to win the world champion for the second consecutive year here. Kobayashi Kamui continued fighting within the winning range, but I finished the race in 13th place.

Even if we decide for the champion the race will continue. The remaining races are the Korean Grand Prix held on October 16, the Indian Grand Prix held on October 30, Abu Dhabi GP on November 13, Brazil GP held on 27 November. Of these, the circuit scheduled to be held in India GP last year,It seemed that it was under construction until just before the raceThere is a story saying that the progress of construction is slow like Korea International Circuit. It's been a month since the race, is it okay?

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