A movie going down a mountain to fall with speed riding

Speed ​​riding is a sport that wears skis and equips paragliding and goes down the mountain with great speed. It seems that a crazy Frenchman started, and it seems fun low-altitude flying and touch and go with slopes are fun. I do not know whether it is skiing or paragliding as seen from the end, but in the explanation it seems to be a paraglider wearing skiing. This time I tried collecting movies of such speed riding.

The movie is below. Speed ​​riding by multiple people. It is a slide full of speed.
YouTube - Extreme Alpine Speed ​​Paragliding

Downhill from Eiger.
YouTube - Eiger 06 snow kiting

High-quality version of this movie can be seen from the following.

::: Acro-Base :::("Big Summit Speed-riding: EIGER" "View - 29 Mo")

I failed to jump and it crashed into rocky skin. It was not enough momentum.
YouTube - Speed ​​Riding - Ouch !!

It is hard to see at the beginning, but the second half is flying steadily.
YouTube - Speed ​​Riding Val D'Isere

There is also a gear (parachute) made for this speed riding. The price is 294,000 yen.

Speed ​​Riding JN-Kites Kiteboard / kite surfing

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