Paper trick art that seems to be moving a cube even though it is not touching the hand

We introduce the trick art of paper that two cubes look like as if they are moving automatically as you change the viewing angle. Although it seems a mysterious movement if it does not know what kind of structure it is, at the end of the movie there is also a seedless, so that the illusion of the eye can be enjoyed.

Details are as below.
It looks like two cubes are piled up.
YouTube - Crazy Cubes

It is hard to understand in the picture, but when looking at the movie it seems that the upper and lower cubes are moving differently.

As a family member from around 24 seconds, the camera will turn around to the side to show the structure.

Actually it is not two cubes, it is a piece of paper that is shaped like a recess.

If you know that it is not a cube, you will see it as just a piece of paper of no discrimination. There may be some people who seemed not to be cubes from the beginning, but in reality it seems that there are two cubes when actually feeling that the corner portion that is most recessed in the back is the most in the illusion. It has become like.

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