Shinshu woodworking technique to cut an animal quickly with a band saw from a block of wood

From a block of small wood that is irrefutable,Band sawA craftworker to showcase a technique like a supernatural cutting out an animal's image in a swift way. There is no sign on the piece of wood, I do not know what kind of animal will appear until the end of the end, but as the sculptor "unleashes the life trapped in the stone" like a craftsman's inside the tree Perhaps the creatures trapped in it are visible.

Movie playback is from the following.YouTube - bandsaw magic

It is Adam Sandoval who shows the supernatural work using the band saw.

I will begin cutting wood.

Cut out from different sides by knocking down pieces of wood.

Did you see the carvey outline somehow?

Put more blades further ...

It seems that you have already finished already in this state.

Remove unnecessary parts.

Production time was less than two minutes, a superb Oga image appeared. I use a chain saw carving a variety of thingsMr. JasonThere is a different taste from the work of the other.

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