"Impossible or illusion ??" which revealed a method to actually create a structure like "deception"

EscherAs a deceptive painting, expressing structures that can not be reality with paintings,I will make it into a puzzle gameThings have been seen so far, but someone has opened up a way to publish on YouTube how to make the structure in reality.

Impossible or illusion ?? - YouTube

If you look closely at the object placed next to a man, it looks like the left and right wooden pieces are placed in front of and behind despite the structure like a crate like a wooden frame. Although it is impossible in reality, such objects can actually be created manually.

First, I will cut the pieces of wood.

While measuring exactly the length etc, we will make 4 rectangular parallelepipeds.

Wearing the adhesive ......

Adhere the long sides of the two pieces of wood, secure firmly with weight.

Cut the wood piece further.

Measure what and where to glue and determine the position finely.

Attach the adhesive ......

Further fixed.

With such a feeling, we will create a structure as if some wooden pieces are nested.

Actually wood pieces do not penetrate the wood pieces, they are just glued together.

If you paint the color ......

Completion It is a mysterious object that you can see two pieces of wood that are supposed to be side by side so that they are lined up in front and behind.

However, changing the position of the camera ... ...

In fact, from the left piece of wood, another piece of wood stretches in the forward direction. It seems that it seems to adhere to the wood piece on the side when seeing it from a certain angle by cutting it into a naname.

Even structures that are thought to be "not in reality" can be created manually if the optical illusion is used. Although it is a little confusing in the image, if you actually watch the movie it seems that you can try making them by yourself.

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