Biped robot "PR-V" made of paper

The whole part of the assembly of the moving mechanism "MPM (Mechanical Paper Model)" which made all parts except the power section made of paper has been uploaded to YouTube. As well as frames, gears, ratchets, cams, links, clutches,Escape type governorEverything is made of paper, scissors, glue, etc. only, not metal, but after completion it will show a smooth movement that makes you completely unconscious of being paper.


The movie is from the following.

Walking paper - YouTube

We do not have metal or electronic parts, paper and ruler, woodworking adhesive, scissors etc.

First, I will cut the paper along the line

To fragments of pieces.

Cut the part along the line ... ...

I combined it with a shape like "four" in kanji

Likewise, this is also a rectangular parallelepiped

As I roll over a long paper like a tape I will wind around a bamboo chair

Insert the rolled paper into the hole opened in the rectangular parallelepiped.

Put it in the middle ...

Blow the bamboo chickle through

In the same way, make four elongated rectangular parallelepiped parts ... ...

We combined it in a three-dimensional box shape.

Next, the paper on which the circle is drawn ......

Cut each

Drill a hole in the middle

Attach adhesives to each surface ......

I will put it one after another


Cut round

I cut it further along the jagged edge with a cutter ......

A three-dimensional gear was completed

We will also make small size gears in the same way

I will make more and more parts. Cut out the middle ...

Cut in tape form

We will also pile the thickness again.

By collecting the completed parts so far

I will continue to set gears

Rectangular open paper in the middle ......


I will still make it.

We will build up the finished items in the parts we made earlier. This will be the body part of the robot.

The structure is getting complicated more and more

I will continue to make foot parts.

I will put the feet assembled on the main body together

Only the power part is not paper, it is a rubber-like rubber ......

It is made of rotation axis of bamboo chisel.

Next, I will make arms. First, make a hand with gray pattern paper ... ...

Make arm also

Combining it is like this

Attaching arms to the main body ......


It looks like this when turning to the side.

Rear view

Of course you can actually walk by yourself

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