A wonderful movie in which the "paper engine model" in which all parts are made of paper actually moves is on sale

In the past in GIGAZINE, handmadeA man who made the world's smallest V 12 cylinder engineAndUltra-fine and perfect paper made Boeing 777 made over 5 yearsI had mentioned about that, but this timeA model of the V6 engine, all made of paperIt turned out that there was a person who made the. With your Google+ accountAliaksei ZholnerThe person who calls it publishes a movie of handmade paper engine on YouTube.

V6 engine working paper model - YouTube

A body of a paper engine consisting of three cylinders extending from the base part and several pipes leading to it. As described in the movie title, there is no way that materials other than paper are used. When turning a thin bar that is visible to the right of the screen with your fingers, even at the opening on the left, the shaft rotated as the shaft rotated. You can be sure that the shaft is connected and rotating.

When turning the main body 90 degrees, there is a circular part at the tip of the hexagonal case, and three openings are visible in it. This paper engine is a mechanism to rotate by sending air from the outside, but it seems that this part seems to be an air supply port apparently.

If you look closely, you can see that in a hexagonal case there is something like a valve controlling the flow of air moving.

Three pipes are connected to this hexagonal case, and it seems that it is structured to send air to six cylinders. Inside it seems that the cam rotates and controls the movement of the valve as follows. (Click to play GIF animation on link destination)

Gdm.gif - Google Drive

Looking up from the bottom of the engine is like this. You can see how the piston is connected to a narrow crankshaft. It is expected that the material of the crankshaft and the piston rod is also paper, but it is where you are concerned about what kind of parts you are using.

The movement of the piston which goes up and down regularly according to the movement of the crankshaft is just the engine itself. Was it to improve the sliding of the piston? In the comment section of YouTube, it was described that Scotch tape (cellophane tape) was used inside the cylinder (piston moving cylinder).

Suddenly, an orange balloon appeared. Put air in this balloon and it seems that it is structured to send compressed air by releasing hands.

Spread a pipe in the air supply mouth ......

When I released the balloon that was holding my mouth, the paper engine swirled swiftly!

From the bottom, you can see that six pistons are moving regularly.

Soon the air of the balloon ceased and the engine stopped. However, the engine made of paper showed brilliant movements.

This engine, although it is called "engine", is not a moving thing given fuel, so it is impossible to use it as a power source. Although it is not actually useful for something, it is becoming extremely exciting, as it can be touched with touch by seeing how each part making up the engine works.

Aliaksei Zholner'sYouTube channelIn addition to the V6 engine, a movie reproducing an in-line four-cylinder engine on paper was also released, and it was quite interesting content.

In-Line 4-cylinder engine working paper model - YouTube

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