Animation using an optical illusion in which an illustration starts moving when sliding a film "Amazing Animated Optical Illusions!"

Even though the geometric pattern is supposed to be drawn, somehow it seems to move and I feel the illusion of illusionIllusionAlthough it is said, using the illusion, just by moving the striped pattern film, it made it possible for the cat to run and Pac-Man to move and move it "Amazing Animated Optical Illusions!"is.

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions! # 5 - YouTube

I do not understand what is put on the desk at first sight Illustration

Slide the striped pattern film, animation starts to move

A round turns around the cylinder with a sphere at the tip.

This is……

A square turns like drawing a sphere

It looks like two circles are lined up ... ...

We are combining two gears.

This is……

Running Cat

A real cat seems to be concerned about animation

Then ...

A walking robot

A circle-like thing is drawn

When moving the film, the hand holding the real gun

I was shooting a bullet in Pac Man

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions! - YouTube

Then here is ...

The disk spins

Rectangle stands in the middle

A rod with a sphere at its tip rotates

Cylindrical object

Actually it was a rotating cube

The circle which is tripled is ...

If you slide the film it overlaps with a different feeling

Although it looks only as if a line is drawn ... ...

The cube is spinning

The three circles ......

It became three intermeshing gears

Amazing Animated Optical Illusions! - YouTube

Geometric pattern ......

I draw a wave

This is……

Circle filled with black

I wonder if ... ...

Uncle's head rotates

A double circle rotating in the opposite direction

A runner

Pacman at the end

There are also versions using the iPad.

Amazing iPad Animations! - YouTube

Start the iPad ... ....

Select the application


A geometric pattern appears on the screen

As you slide the film with stripes also, the pattern starts to move


Four gears

Rotating cube

The pattern drawn on a circle like a mandala ... ...

Multiple squares were combined

Sliding the film on the screen ...

A pistol will appear

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