Three-dimensional objects jump out of the inside like a magic when opening a book and tried to enlarge the "popping out picture book"

Three-dimensional objects made of paper appear from the inside when opening the page "Pop-up picture book"Not only complements the story of a picture book but also has a unique atmosphere like a simple complex structure with art alone. A movie that made such popping picture book gigantic "Tauba Auerbach: [2, 3]"Is published on YouTube.

Tauba Auerbach: [2, 3] - YouTube

A huge cardboard box appeared

When opening this, the case written [2, 3] appears inside.

Extract 1 book from this ... ...


Then, three-dimensional objects appeared from the book that was cleanly closed. It makes me feel strange as if I am watching magic or something.

What appeared from the book is a pyramid-shaped strange three-dimensional figure in which a triangular hole is empty. As you can see from the fact that it appeared from the book, of course it is made of paper

Although it is a three-dimensional feeling that I can not imagine what I made of paper of paper, ....

It becomes petty when the book is closed.

Then a new book is opened ......

It was a spherical object that appeared from inside.

Because there are holes in a lattice pattern, somewhere the shadow is fantastic.

The whole is like this ......

When you close the book, it shrinks crisply.

Next is a three-dimensional object that jumps out colorfully.

What came out from inside ... ...

Three-dimensional objects of light blue and yellow. It is a structure with a mysterious impression that looks between photographs and movies as between 2D and 3D.

Then take out the black book.

Hyoori and unstable lines jump out from inside ... ...

Three-dimensional objects appear.

Looking like this when it is near.

More and more new objects will be opened.

A black and light blue object popped out from inside ... ...

When we open the book, we gradually increase the three-dimensional feeling.

Looking up, it looks like this.

Three-dimensional objects are completed when the book is opened 180 degrees.

Next is a light blue book.

What came out from inside was a diamond that overlapped many times.

As I opened the book, the middle grew and the object like a tower was completed.

It has been cut to a decorative shape on one side, and it seems that the structure that the tower extends vertically thanks to this.

Looking downward from the top with the tower fully extended is like this.

So I will close the book this time. Changes in three-dimensional objects when closing are deformations that doubt the eyes as if they are using magic.

Then return all the books to the case ...

I copy the cardboard box and the movie is over.

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