Container type house constructed with crane to load blocks

It is a container type house for students built up in cranes in Amsterdam. Containers include electricity and Internet connection facilities, and it seems that one block can be completed.

Details are as below.Keetwonen student housing in Amsterdam

Connecting containers.

The roof seems to be a mechanism capable of draining rainwater successfully, and a ventilation mechanism is installed under the roof. There is a window at the end, all the containers have a balcony.

A movie inside the container and showing the state of construction.
YouTube - container house project keetwonen new housing project

Currently 1,000 students live in this container house. It is like a big capsule hotel in shape but it is said that one container has an area of ​​30 square meters, so if you do not put too much furniture, you are likely to live quite comfortably.

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