IKEA announces a temporary housing built-in solar panel that can be assembled in just 4 hours

The Swedish furniture maker IKEA can be assembled in only 4 hours, it lasts longer than the conventional one for 6 months and a solar panel is attached to the roof and it is also possible to supply power to the built-in lamp and the USB connector Temporary housing "Better ShelterWe announced.

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This is "Better Shelter" developed by IKEA. The inside area is 188 square feet (about 17.5 square meters) and it is made so that five people can stay overnight.

Lightweight polymer made panels, pipes, wires, etc. are used and assembly is completed in about 4 hours.

Also, a solar panel is installed on the roof ... ...

It is designed to supply power to the lamp inside the Better Shelter and the USB outlet.

Inside is like this. Although it is for 5 people, there seems to be no problem even if more people enter it.

This is a prototype of Better Shelter, it seems to be actually used in the city of Albir in northern Iraq.

United Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesAccording to a survey by UNHCR, about 4 million people are refugees due to the civil war following Syria, and they have to leave their own house. These people are trying to immigrate to neighboring countries of Syria and Europe. Following this refugee problem, IKEA and UNHCR jointly developed the Better Shelter.

Besides, Ethiopia has accepted as many as 200,000 refugees already in a period of one year from 2014, and it is planned to be used for supporting these refugees.

Better Shelter holds the durability available for at least three years, and it seems that it will last as long as 6 months compared with the conventional one.

It is said that UNHCR has already purchased 10,000 Better Shelters from IKEA and that Better Shelter will be distributed to refugee camps in various places by the summer of 2015.

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