Samsung Improves Release Delayed Folding Smartphone 'Galaxy Fold' Due to Failures


Galaxy Fold ' is Samsung's first foldable smart phone announced in February 2019, and was scheduled to be released in April 2019. However, Samsung has postponed its release just before its release, as reports of defects have been reported from media that have obtained Galaxy Fold prior to release. He redesigned the Galaxy Fold and announced that it will launch the new Galaxy Fold in September 2019.

Galaxy Fold Ready for Launch starting from September-Samsung US Newsroom

Samsung says it has fixed the Galaxy Fold, will release it in September-The Verge

Galaxy Fold is Samsung's first foldable smartphone announced in February 2019. The newly developed flexible organic EL display 'Infinity Flex Display' was adopted, and it was said that it could be opened and closed smoothly without joints even when folded. However, media officials who pre-distributed Galaxy Fold for review use reported that 'the display was damaged the day they got it'.

Report that the display was damaged the day when I got Samsung's first foldable smartphone 'Galaxy Fold'-GIGAZINE

Samsung acknowledged the defects in Galaxy Fold but claims that it occurred only on a limited number of sample terminals, and will launch Galaxy Fold on April 26, 2019 in the US and China as originally planned. Announced.

Samsung mentions that the display of folding smartphone 'Galaxy Fold' is broken by haste-GIGAZINE

However, the launch event for Galaxy Fold is delayed in China. Further, four days before the release, on April 22, 2019, Samsung officially decided to postpone the release of Galaxy Fold. Samsung's DJ Cho acknowledged that this was 'embarrassing to put off the launch and that it was a mistake to try to bring Galaxy Fold to market in an inadequate state.'

CEO of Samsung admits postponement of release of folding smartphone 'Galaxy Fold' as 'embarrassing' and 'insufficient preparation'-GIGAZINE

Samsung redesigned the Galaxy Fold design and announced in September that it will be released anew. According to Samsung's release, the design improvements include:

-The upper protection sheet of the Infinity Flex display extends beyond the bezel to cover the entire display.
・ We add reinforcement protecting external dust while maintaining foldable structure.
・ Add new protective caps on the top and bottom of the hinge part.
Add a metal layer to the bottom of the Infinity Flex display to enhance the protection of the display.
・ Reduce the gap between the hinge and the body.

Unlike the protective sheet affixed to the liquid crystal part of a typical new smartphone, the Galaxy Fold display protective sheet must be removed. However, because the warning text was very incomprehensible, as a result of peeling off as usual, there were several reports that the display was broken. The new Galaxy Fold appears to address this issue by extending the area of the protective sheet so that it covers the entire display beyond the bezel.

Below is an image comparing the hinges of the previous Galaxy Fold (top) and the new Galaxy Fold (bottom). It is almost the same, but if you look closely, the new Galaxy Fold has a protective cap attached to its hinge. It seems that some viewers have addressed the problem that 'the dust came in from the hinge and the display broke when it was folded'.

In addition, Samsung has made improvements to Galaxy Fold in terms of software, such as optimizing applications and services for the UX for folding smartphones, and final product testing for the release date reset in September 2019. Are being implemented. The unit price is the same as when it was announced in February 2019, and is set at $ 1980 (approximately 215,000 yen).

The final product test has been confirmed in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and India, according to a report from the technical media Sammobile . In addition, as the availability of semiconductor materials has increased due to Japan's export control review , Samsung will inevitably limit product production levels, so Galaxy Fold is not targeted to major markets. Heel Sammobile is expecting.

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