IKEA designers stayed at a desert base for 3 days to study comfortably in a narrow space like a space ship

Furniture maker who learned that NASA and Lund University Industrial Design School are tackling what is necessary for "a three-year journey to Mars"IKEAJoined the plan and a designer was sent to the Mars desert research base established in the desert of Utah to experience living in a narrow space like a space ship.

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"Mars desert study base" is a facility to simulate what kind of experiences can be done in the universe, the interior is a closed space like a space ship. Astronauts who actually go to space spend about three years at the facility to acclimate to life in space.

As IKEA designers truly can not afford to basket for three years, it is said that the experience is three days, but despite having spent indoors, it was a painful situation as if they were doing camping as well Thing. But "It was great to be with the surprisingly creative people, it was a very luxurious thing," creative leader Michael Nikolic says.

The IKEA team hopes to reflect this experience also in the life in a big city where the air and water are contaminated and the living space is narrow.

Nikolic commented, "I think that it is very nice to go back to bed," although I have commented that it was a very harsh experience in just three days, but IKEA's furniture will bring out such a feeling in the future As long as it is nothing.

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