It turned out that iOS 9 had a serious bug that could bypass passcode lock and steal contacts and photos

It is showing the fastest start-up in the past that more than 50% of iOS terminals will migrate in a few days from the releaseIOS 9"It has become clear that there is a serious bug that can bypass the passcode and access the information inside the terminal.

You can check the bypass of iOS 9 passcode using Siri in the following movie.

Beware! IOS 9 & iOS 9.0.1 - Security Flaw - Passcode Bypass. Turn Off Siri on Lockscreen to be Safe. - YouTube

In the above movie, since operation is too fast to understand well, I actually tried it on iPhone 6 of iOS 9.0.

How to bypass iOS 9 passcode to access contacts and photos - YouTube

First, enter the passcode. Of course, the lock is not released.

2 times, 3 times, 4 times and enter the pass code properly.

For the fifth input, if you enter the 3rd digit for the 4 digit passcode and the 5th digit for the 6 digit passcode properly, hold down the "Home button" and enter the last digit.

Siri will start up.

Here I will ask "What time is it now?"

Siri taught me the current time.

Tap the time here.

Since the world clock opens, tap the "+" icon in the upper right.

As it becomes the city selection screen, enter the appropriate characters in the text box.

Tap the input character string and tap "Select" or "Select all".

Tap 'Sharing options' on the right.

Tap "Message".

Since a new message opens, you can access the contact information in the terminal by tapping the "+" icon. In addition, it is also possible to access the camera roll in the terminal from the "Camera" icon on the message input screen.

Every time the way to bypass Passcode Lock became clear in the past, iOS updates were done and the holes were obstructed, so this bug will be dealt with immediately. Although the hole is still not protected in iPhone 6 of iOS 9.0.1, when I tried using iPhone 6 Plus of iOS 9.0.1, it seems that I request the passcode again before a new message opens It was changed.

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