UK and Dutch governments signed extended support contract with Windows XP with Microsoft


Support for Windows XP will expire on Wednesday, April 9, Japan, but the government in the UK and the Netherlands has signed a contract with Microsoft for extension support so that you can continue using XP safely after April 9 It became clear that we exchanged.

Not dead yet: Dutch, British governments pay to keep Windows XP alive | Ars Technica

Government signs £ 5.5m Microsoft deal to extend Windows XP support

ComputerWeeklyAccording to the British government, they agreed to pay about 5.55 million pounds (about 960 million yen) to Microsoft to extend support for Windows XP, Office 2003, and British Exchange 2003. This transaction was established in the British Cabinet OfficeCrown Commercial Service(CCS) and Microsoft, and by extending the support all local governments and schools in the UK,National Health Service(NHS) can also receive this support.

According to Sarah Hurrell, IT Commercial Director at CCS, 20 million pounds (about 3.4 billion yen) was able to hold down contracts rather than individual entities signing a support extension contract with Microsoft. It is not clear how many PCs Windows XP is running at the moment,E-Health InsiderAccording to the survey, as of September 2013, NHS seems to be running Windows XP on 800,000 PCs. It seems that the British government does not intend to continue to use it for a long time because it extends the support of XP, and Hurrell says, "This is a 12 month rest and no one is out of support and the lifetime is nearing Windows XP I do not think I would like to continue using this as it is. "

In addition, the Dutch government has more than 30,000 PCs with Windows XPCustom supportIt has turned out that we have made transactions on the scale of several million euros so that we can receive.

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However, Ars Technica speculated that there are many other than government in the UK and the Netherlands that have signed a support extension. The US government operates systems with hundreds of thousands of Windows XP installed,95% of ATMs using Windows XP are present and may not be updated soonIt is reported that many companies and organizations that are not in time to switch the operating system are applying for extended support to Microsoft.

Windows XPWe were informed of the end of support from a while agoAlthough it is reasonable, Windows XP is still running among many government and enterprise PCs and systems. Many hospitals in the United States are still installing Windows XP on working terminals and healthcare devices, which means that software developers have regulators approve the use of software to be used at hospitals, from Windows XP onwards, It is because it is not received and there are many places that various factors intertwine and fall into the situation that you can not do even if you want to change the OS.

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