In Cambodia's secret world I have digged jewels with fifty miners

Although it is jewelry that enthralls young and old and young women in all ages, the only secret of Cambodia can be taken here only "Rattanakiri BlueThere is a jewel called. I was invited by the blue glow, and went to the moat to dug.

Nice to meet you! Second generationWorld newspaperI called on a special reporterHiroharu Tone (Hiroharu Ezoriki)is. I was a science teacher in Japan. Looking for "science neta" that is getting fucked by children I am around the world. In lieu of my predecessor Kiyaya for the past year, four world newspaper special reporters including me will deliver traveling material on a weekly basis. Thank you!

I am now in the town called Rattanakiri (in the vicinity of the pink sign) in Cambodia. "Rattanakiri" seems to mean "a place with jewels and mountains" in the local language. In this case, I dug a game of dreams of getting rich quickly because I can use the expensive and traded "Ratanakiri Blue" jewel.

On a larger mapRattanakiriShow

◆ To Rattanakiri in 10 hours
I came from Siem Reap with Angkor Wat. I changed four buses ......

Take a small boat with the bus ... ...

I came all the way for 10 hours. It will look like this when you get there.

It is the city of Rattanakiri. Eighty to ninety percent of Ratanakiri's residents are ethnic minorities who are indigenous people.

◆ The secret of rubber tree and cashew nuts
To the excavation site of Rattanakiri Blue, I will move about a further hour by bike from here. If you ask the city motorcycle taxi, you will take you anywhere for $ 20 a day (about 2000 yen). Today my best regards!

It is something trouble soon after leaving. It is hard to proceed.

I ran about 30 minutes and dropped a little to the plantation of rubber tree. High, please look here!

Growth - ー ー ー!

In recent years, the plantation of rubber tree is increasing in Cambodia. In fact, after passing through the town of Rattanakiri, rubber trees continue on both sides of the road. The reason is money. Rubber trees that have been planted for 3 to 4 years produce about 2 liters of sap which is worth about 400 yen per day. Because it is this with one, it is ridiculous to think that there are thousands, tens of thousands.

Next to the rubber tree, how cashew nuts!

The seeds of this fruit are the cashew nuts we are eating.

Part of flesh can also be eaten! Juice overflowed at the moment of chewing, and it was a refreshing taste like an apple.

The seed part looks something like this. I tried to open the shell by force,

Now this……. Numbness in the mouth lasts about 30 minutes.

According to the article of Wikipedia's "Cashew Nut"Since fruits contain irritating ingredients such as anacardic acid and cardol and toxic substances such as amygdalin which is a cyanide glycoside, when used as a food material, removal treatment by high temperature heating of these ingredients (so-called " Skipping "step) is required"That's right.

Let's stop it, let's not talk about falling things (laugh).

Where is Rattanakiri Blue?
I ran for about an hour, and when I entered the cashew nut forest, the ground was decorated.

Even if it crosses the forest, it still continues. All this seems to have blocked the hole that the husband had dug for Rattanakiri Blue.

And here is the mining site.

The bike line up here and there. Anti - husbands of about 50 people are mining Rattanakiri Blue in their respective areas.

They first dig such holes for two days. After that, one anti-husband in the basement receives this bucket and puts the dirt that it did.

This hole, 12 meters underground! There is no ladder. I dig a hole on both sides and go up and down through it.

So, I also challenge to look for jewels!

12 m is dangerous, it was a hole of at most 3 m, but still it is hard to climb.

Fuu, I finally climbed it. The whole body is black. The eyes of the next girl hurts (laugh).

I will return the story to the mining process. If you put soil in a bucket, wind up with this homemade machine.

After that it is screening work. They have no daily allowance. A Chinese company seems to buy it only when I find a good one.

And if you are lucky you will find a stone like this. I also tried hard and tried mining but eventually I could not find it.

I had no choice but to display my intention to buy, people gathered so much.

Watermark on the sun like this and check if there are scratches or cracks inside.

As a result, I also bought two for the recommendation of the driver. It costs about 5500 yen for two.

I was good with one, but I was drawn to this rainbow-colored interference and I extended my hand one more time. If you are in financial trouble, I think I will sell it to Westerners at twice the price.

Although I feel like "Rattanakiri Blue", I feel that it is not blue, but when I heat this stone it turns blue like this. It seems that the price is higher for darker ones. The large and dense thing of this picture was sold at about 15,000 yen. About one-third of the price you buy online.

Ratanakiri blue is a mineral called zircon. Generally, zircon emits various colors by processing, but only blue is necessary unless it is zircon from Rattanakiri here. Therefore, it is sold at an expensive price named Rattanakiri Blue.

Zircon is also a special mineral that shows the era when it was created. Recently very interesting research results have been announced using its properties. Until now, after the birth of the earth, it took about 1 billion years to span until the earth cold and creatures can live, but the theory may change.

The oldest ancient earth which becomes obvious from the zircon crystal body in the world's oldest and 4.4 billion years ago - GIGAZINE

Finally, I took photos with my husband! Everyone, if you have Rattanakiri Blue, I hope you remember this article.

Statement · Interview: Koji Tsuyoshi

Supervision: World newspaper

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