At last the US Navy begins seeking extended support for Windows XP

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Support for Windows XP was discontinued in April 2014, Microsoft is promoting the transition to the latest OS, but the Chinese governmentContinue to use Windows XP even after the end of supportUk, the government of the UK and the NetherlandsSigned Extended Support Agreement with MicrosoftThere are many countries that still continue to use Windows XP. Meanwhile, "The US Navy has also contracted with Microsoft to keep using Windows XP" has been reported.

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Even though Windows XP support ended a year ago, it still seems to bring considerable revenue to Microsoft. This is why the US Department of Defense and the US government are paying a large support fee to Microsoft to receive Windows XP extension support. In addition to this, the US Navy's Space and War System Forces (SPAWAR) extended the contract for Windows XP, Office 2003 Suite, and Exchange 2003 by paying Microsoft about 9.1 million dollars (about 1.1 billion yen) It is obvious.

SPAWAR published in April 2015Contract of Contract"About 100,000 machines in the entire US Navy are running on Windows XP. Because the official support period for Windows XP by Microsoft has already been completed, the existing contract content has lost support for software" And it explains.

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For the renewal of this contract, SPAWAR states that "Navy machines are preparing to move from Windows XP to the new OS", and in order to minimize the risk of continuing to use Windows XP, Thing. Also, although the majority of Windows XP machines owned by the Navy are used on the shipboard for the management network,Next Generation NetworkAccording to the delay of the service contract, updating of the land-based network system is also being carried out quickly.

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In addition, General Manager of US Navy Operations Director General Jonathan Greenman said "Windows XP Eradication Efforts(Windows XP Cleanup Movement) "in September 2014. This directive is a plan to get out of the state where the US Navy relies on the old OS, and within the Navy a group called "Microsoft eradicating team" was also created.

As well as the US Navy, the US Army also holds more than 8000 Windows XP machines, so in April 2015 the sameContract extensionWe are doing. The US Army says "We are working on completing the migration of Windows XP machines to the new OS in 2016".

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