More than 500,000 sites are not supported, such as Windows XP · 2000, etc. Operating on OS based server

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Support on Windows XP was terminated on April 9, 2014, but Netcraft found out that there are more than 6000 websites using Windows XP based servers. This survey also shows that there are more than half a dozen websites using Windows 2000 based servers whose support has been ended in 2010.

Thousands of websites still hosted on Windows XP | Netcraft

April 2014 Web Server Survey | Netcraft

Netcraft investigated about 960 million websites in April 2014 and found out that over 6000 websites are hosted on servers using Windows XP. There are cases where China is listed as the country with the largest number of users of Windows XP, but only 6% of 6000 sites using Windows XP were hosted in China, only 3%. According to Netcraft, in China, there are quite a lot of people using personal computers that use Windows XP.

The country with the largest number of websites using Windows XP servers is the United States, which accounts for about 33% of the total. It is noteworthy that as many as 14 US government related websites are using Windows XP servers. Windows XP with no security update schedule is a good form of attack for hackers, the UK and the Dutch government take safety into consideration,We have extended extension support contract with Microsoft for Windows XPdoing.

The following world map shows the country using the server that runs on Windows XP. Countries with few numbers are green, while countries with high numbers are displayed in dark red. America is the most common, followed by European and Asian countries.

There are parts that convinces somewhat that "Oharu likely so" while feeling insecure about safety, that there are more than 6000 sites using a server running on Windows XP which is running out, Netcraft According to the survey, more than 500,000 sites exceeded this, more than 4 years earlier than XP using servers that are running on Windows 2000 which support was ended in July 2010. Most of the applicable sites are "Windows 2000"Microsoft IIS 5.0It is said that you are using.

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Also, more than 50,000 websites are older than Windows 2000Windows NT 4.0Based servers are used, and about 75% of them are also hosted on one computer in Norway.

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