"Frying powder as it ranges" Tandoori chicken flavor is the most authentic taste in the series

Deep fried from juicy chicken jammed with umami umami is a taste, but if you make it yourself it will take time and effort. It is convenient at such time as "Because I chin in the range fried powderIn the series, you can enjoy deep-frying with just the convenience of just choking with powder and cooking powder. Even so farBurned soy sauce flavor"Black pepper & garlic flavorAlthough I tried it, the challenge this time is "Tandoori chicken flavor"(160 yen without tax) is.

Tinned chicken flavored fried powder as it ranges in range

The package looks like this, it has a color like a tandoori chicken.

From fried to tandoori chicken is a similar food, but what kind of taste will it become?

This one can do 24 fried tofu about 30 g (4 cm x 4 cm).

The way to make it is just to chicken the chicken with powder and range.

It will be completed in about 5 minutes, so you can also go for lunch and treats.

As raw materials contain curry powder, it feels like tandoori chicken.

Nutritional elements are like this.

It is said that the calorie is cut by 20% compared with the oil cooking method, but it is about 28% cut if you calculate well well.

If the material is chicken, it is OK if the chicken meat is "fried powder tandoori chicken flavor as it is choked at the range", but easiness is improved greatly if you purchase chicken which has already been cut.

When chicken meat powder, OK with supermarket bags OK.

Opening "Frying powder tandoori chicken flavor as it tries at the range", you will feel a spicy scent that makes your nose suck up, and at this stage your appetite is already stimulated.

Then, put it in immediately.

Shake it with shakershaka and powder entangled the whole chicken, preparation is completed. It is clearly different from fried from ordinary, it is a red color.

On the plate on which the kitchen paper was placed, arrange the chicken while spacing ... ...

Chin in range for about 4 minutes. Although it sounds like "Bonk" sounds on the way, this is not a problem.

done. The smell mixed with the fragrance of chicken meat and spicy rich flavor attaches a nuisance and it is level enough to convince already "umami" at this point.

Fat is nice on the surface of the meat and the fat is gentle.

The umami of meat is complemented enough by the spicy taste and salty taste It is a very addictive taste, it is a delicious delicacy in the series "Frying powder because it ranges". The fat is dropped by the range because of the range, there is no feeling of biting, there is no feeling of eating.

Spices such as black pepper are also effective with patchy but there is no spicy, if it is this, you can recommend it to those who are not good at hotness and children.

The kitchen paper is covered with oil in this way.

While doing so, the second team was completed.

As the way of making is very simple, it is one of the excellent points of this product that if you keep even the procedure, it finishes with similar taste no matter who makes it.

It is a taste of stability no matter how many times it is made.

Also, when eating according to curry rice, spiciness is good and good.

As a result of "pursuing deep-fried powder" series, which is chinning at the range, as a result of pursuing "seemingly fried", it was a position that "It is not fried but it certainly is good". However, since this time's tandoori chicken is not fried in the first place, it is no longer necessary to be conscious of "deep fried" and it has become more felt like a real taste.

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