Review of ``Backpack Battle'', an auto-battle battle game that will make you addicted to the pleasure of winning by using the synergy of weapons with your organizational skills

Focusing on inventory management systems such as the attache case from the Resident Evil series and the backpack from

Backpack Hero , there are puzzle elements where items placed in backpacks in specific positions exhibit synergy, and weapons used together are synthesized. The auto battler `` Backpack Battle '', which incorporates crafting elements and roguelike deck building elements, and condenses unfathomable depth into easy operation, will be launched on Friday, March 8, 2024. I did. Since the release of the free-to-play demo version, the popular title has achieved 500,000 wishlist registrants due to its addictiveness and perfection, and has now been released as an early access version with new characters and new items. , I tried playing it right away.

Steam: Backpack Battle

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◆1: Battle flow of backpack battle
◆2: Craft elements that make idle battles more attractive
◆3: Make the battle more advantageous by linking items together
◆4: Summary

◆1: Battle flow of backpack battle
Backpack Battle's startup screen also serves as the class selection screen for the character you will be playing. The default class is 'Ranger', which features orthodox performance and cat ears.

Click 'Class Switch' to select the next character.

There are four classes implemented in the early access version, and the second is 'Reaper', which is good at tactics that make full use of poison and magic. 'Ranger' and 'Reaper' were classes that could be used in the demo version.

The third class added in the early access version is the 'Berserker', which is a combination of a berserker and a blacksmith.

Finally, there's the Pyromancer, who can strengthen himself with the power of fire.

First, let's play with Ranger. There are two game modes: ``Ranked mode'' where you fight against opponents who are ranked according to how long you have played, and ``Unranked mode'' where you are not ranked. This time, I chose 'From the beginning in new ranked mode'.

By playing the movie below, you can see the flow from the start of the game to the first battle.

This is what the abandoned battle of the simple and deep auto battler ``Backpack Battle'' looks like - YouTube

When you start the game, you will be taken to the shopping screen.

First of all, I bought the weapon 'Frying Pan' which was half price on sale. To purchase, simply drag it from the shop to your backpack. In this game, items can be sold for half the purchase price, but sale items are half the original price and the purchase and sale prices are the same. Therefore, if you see an item on sale, there is no harm in buying it.

Also, buy some garlic. Weapons and items can be rotated using the mouse wheel or right-click while dragging. In addition, you can move the entire backpack using the arrow keys, or you can move only that part at once by surrounding it with the rectangle that appears when dragging.

If you pull the string that says 'See more', the product lineup will be updated.

You can check the performance of weapons and items by hovering over the mouse. For example, a frying pan deals 3-4 damage and deals an average of 1.6 damage per second. In addition, the stamina consumed per attack, the accuracy rate, and the cooldown that is the frequency of attacks are also set.

Also, some weapons and items have different effects when placed in a backpack in a specific position. We'll look at this in more detail later.

After purchasing to my satisfaction, I clicked 'Start' to begin the battle. Although this game is a competitive game, it is not played in real time, so no matter how long you spend shopping or organizing your backpack, you will not have to keep your opponent waiting.

The battle is an auto battle, so the battle progresses just by watching the weapons and items being activated at a good tempo.

Since we won the first match, our 'number of wins' increased by one. I won this time, but if I lose, the 'remaining number of tries' will decrease, and if all the remaining tries are used up, the game is over. Click on the screen to proceed.

Return to the shop and the first round is over. By completing rounds, you will receive gold as a reward and your physical strength will increase. The basic flow of this game is to repeat preparations at the shop and battles in this way.

I continued fighting and shopping smoothly and got my 10th victory. At this point, you can choose to finish this play and get the points you earned, or continue fighting. It seems like I can't get any stronger, so I'll choose to retreat.

Earn rank points and trophies as a result of your battles.

Now that you're back at the first screen, you'll see that your ranks and trophies have increased. As your rank increases, you will be matched with even stronger people. Trophies are also used for skin elements that change the character's appearance, which will be described later.

◆2: Craft elements that make idle battles more attractive
Now that we've played through the Ranger class, let's move on to the newly implemented classes and look at the 'synthesis' of the crafting elements that make this game so deep.

The following movie summarizes what it feels like to play with a new class of Berserker that is good at synthesis.

I tried combining weapons in 'Backpack Battle' - YouTube

The main difference between classes in this game are their unique items. Unique items can be checked by hovering over the class name at the bottom left.

For example, the blue ``duffel bag'', which is a unique item of Berserker and is also the initial equipment that he has from the beginning, has the effect of turning Berserker into a ``berserk state'' and powering up when Berserker's HP is halved.

One of the most important elements in this game, not just Berserker, is synthesis. Below, when I placed the weapon 'broom' and 'frying pan' next to each other, it was displayed as 'shovel'. This means that you can create a shovel by combining a broom and a frying pan. Also, weapons and items that can be synthesized are connected by yellow lines, which will give you a hint.

To synthesize, you must complete one battle in a state where synthesis is possible. This time, Berserker's Berserk was activated and he won safely while surrounded by a yellow aura. Note that even if you lose, you can still synthesize.

When I returned to the shop after the battle, the broom and frying pan fused together while glowing.

And it became a more powerful shovel. This is composition.

Synthesis is possible not only between weapons but also between items. This time, we will be fighting using a combination of the ``Wooden Shield'', which protects from attacks, and the ``Walrus Fang'', which inflicts damage on opponents who attack with melee weapons.

As a result, I was able to synthesize a 'thorn shield' that combines the effects of a wooden shield and a walrus fang.

Synthesis isn't necessarily just about fusing two weapons or items together. This time, we will place ``Leather Armor'' and ``Blacksmith's Hammer,'' a unique item that Berserker has from the beginning, adjacent to each other.

Then, the armor was strengthened to 'dragon scale armor' without losing the hammer. Leather armor is an item that has a shield of 45 that prevents damage according to the number of stacks, but dragon scale armor gains a shield of 40 when Berserk is activated, reduces damage by 15%, and increases toughness during Berserk. Therefore, it is an item more suitable for Berserkers. In this way, synthesis is an important element that can strengthen weapons and items in various ways, but Berserker, who has a blacksmith's hammer, can be said to be a class that is particularly good at synthesis.

Entering the 10th battle while repeating the synthesis. The contents of both backpacks have increased, and it has become difficult to tell what effects are being activated and when. In such a case, you can click 'Open Log' to see what happened during the battle.

If you look at the log, you can see that there is a fierce battle within one second.

I felt like I was going to win more and more, so this time I chose survival mode.

The final battle went like this.

◆3: Make the battle more advantageous by linking items together
Next, we will use the second new class, the Pyromancer, and look at the interaction of items, which is another important element of this game.

Additional character Pyromancer's hot battle in 'Backpack Battle' - YouTube

The ``bonfire stand'', a unique item that the Pyromancer has from the beginning, has the effect of generating a ``flame'' at the start of the round and increasing his health for each flame-type item including flame.

In addition, flames created from bonfires have the effect of 'heat', which increases the speed of item usage. In other words, by generating more and more flames and placing them on the bonfire stand, you will be able to attack at tremendous speed while increasing your physical strength.

In addition, the positional relationship in the backpack is also important when coordinating items. For example, this weapon called 'Heat Spear' has the effect of destroying shields equal to the number of flame-type items at the tip. Therefore, by laying down the Heat Spear and placing a flame-type item in front of it, it is now possible to deal a total of 25 to 29 damage to the shield with one attack. Items that have an effect depending on their position are marked with a '☆'.

Taking advantage of the fact that the more flame-type items you have, the stronger you become, you battled repeatedly until you reached the final battle. Coincidentally, my opponent is also a pyromancer.

I cornered my opponent to the point of one more blow.

However, an item called 'Phoenix' greatly restored his physical strength.

I also had a Phoenix, but it seemed to recover less than my opponent because it had less heat.

Unable to reverse the situation, the final battle between the Pyromancers ended in defeat. One of the interesting things about backpack battles is that you can get hints from your opponent's build.

Although I lost, I had been winning most of the games up until that point, so I was able to clear the survival mode itself. There are also 111 trophies accumulated.

Accumulated trophies can be used to change the appearance of your character. To use it, first click 'Open Closet.'

This time, I will try changing the Pyromancer's hairstyle.

Although there is no particular change in performance, customizing the character's appearance to your liking will make a difference in motivation.

Items that appear during the game can be checked from the 'Items' boxed in red.

Like this.

From 'Recipe', you can see the combinations that have been synthesized so far.

You can check recipes while shopping at the shop, which will give you hints when choosing items to purchase.

◆4: Summary
Backpack Battle is simple and can be operated with just left and right clicks of the mouse, but you can combine various items and use powerful synergies to advance the battle to your advantage, so you can discover new things every time you play. There is a certain depth to it.

When you don't have many items, it often ends up being a monotonous battle, but you can double the speed with the bar at the top of the screen, so the game progresses at a good pace. Thanks to this, it has become an addictive game where time passes quickly as you repeat trial and error to find the best arrangement and combination.

Please note that Backpack Battle is updated on a weekly basis, and the game balance such as item performance may change significantly, at least until it leaves early access, so the contents of this article are Please note that the information is accurate at the time of article creation. According to the information on the store page, more new characters will be implemented when the official version is released.

The price of 'Backpack Battle' released on Steam on Friday, March 8, 2024 is 1,700 yen including tax, and until Friday, March 22, it will be 1,530 yen including tax with 10% OFF as an early access campaign. It can be purchased at There are also bundles that can be discounted by up to 69% when purchased as a set with

Slay the Spire and Brotato , which have been reviewed in the past on GIGAZINE.

There is also a demo version that you can play for free, so if you are concerned about the price exceeding 1000 yen, we recommend checking that out first.

Steam: Backpack Battle

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