A roguelike action ``Brotato'' review that repels a horde of enemies with a variety of weapons, a simple but depth that I want experienced ``Vampire Survivors'' to challenge

Brotato , a top-down action game featuring

a roguelite that allows you to enjoy a different play each time you play, will be released on September 28, 2022, and will have a variety of addictive and growth elements despite being in early access. It is a game for PC (Steam) that collects 'overwhelmingly popular' reviews from. Character operation is only movement, and one play is as long as 30 minutes. I tried playing.

Steam: Brotato

You can see what kind of game 'Brotato' is from the following movie.

Roguelike action 'Brotato' play review that shoots up to 6 weapons - YouTube

When you start the game, the first thing you do is select a character. This time, I chose the orthodox 'Marumaru' status that can be used from the beginning.

Next, select your starting weapon. The initial weapon options are different for each character, and in the case of 'whole', there are various weapons from melee weapons to long-range weapons. This time, I chose the shooting weapon 'pistol'.

Finally, choose a difficulty level. Since only '0' can be selected at the beginning, select '0'.

Thus, the battle began with a character holding a pistol. Basic operation is only to move up, down, left and right using 'WASD' on the keyboard or arrow keys. By default, your character will attack the nearest enemy, but you can also choose to manually aim with the mouse in the settings.

If you get green 'materials' that drop when you defeat enemies, you will accumulate experience points and level up. Also, since it is necessary to purchase weapons and items described later, I will actively pick it up.

The first wave is cleared after surviving 20 seconds. There are two types of character strengthening after clearing a wave. The first is 'level up' that allows you to strengthen the character's status, and you can choose from four stats to strengthen. This time, I chose 'eyes' that extend the range of long-range attacks.

The second is the 'shop' where you can purchase weapons such as 'wands' and 'torches' and items such as 'bags' and 'cyber balls'. Weapons are broadly divided into two types, 'close range' and 'long range', and the status that affects the weapon varies depending on the icon next to the damage. For example, in the case of 'Wand', attack power increases with 'attribute damage'.

This time, I chose the same long-range weapon 'Wand' as the pistol I chose first.

As for melee weapons, I'm not sure whether to choose the 'torch', which is a weapon with the same attribute damage as the 'wand'. So, here, click 'Lock' under 'Torch' and then try 'Reroll' from the upper right button.

Then, the choices were updated with 'torch' on hold. Locked weapons and items can be obtained even after advancing the wave, so it is also effective when 'I can not purchase it now, but I want to purchase it after the next wave'. After rerolling, a pistol came out, so I will buy it.

I now have two pistols. It is OK to start the next wave with two pistols as it is, but if you have two of the same weapon, you can combine them into one and strengthen them, so I tried 'combining' here.

The pistol is now 'Pistol II' with a blue icon. 'Pistol II' can be further strengthened by combining 'Pistol II' with each other, and can be upgraded up to 4 stages, so having a weapon that has been strengthened to the final stage is a shortcut to clearing. When you're ready, press 'Forward' to advance to the next wave.

Then the next wave started with a reinforced pistol and wand. Surviving 20 waves in this way is the basic flow of this game.

Up to 6 weapons can be equipped at the same time, so you can acquire more weapons and turn enemies into honeycombs.

However, before reaching the 20th wave, I was overwhelmed by a large number of enemies and my health dropped to zero, and I was defeated.

So, I continued trial and error so that I could advance even a little. For example, this is a shooting type weapon composition that has various ranged weapons and trains 'long range damage'.

In addition, it is possible to strengthen the melee type by arranging melee weapons such as fists and striking enemies that approach. There are hundreds of types of weapons and items in total, and depending on the item you acquire, the performance of the weapon can change dramatically, so you can enjoy a different play style with each challenge.

The character's performance is also unique. For example, this character 'Magician' has a high rate of increase in 'attribute damage' instead of 'proximity damage' and 'long range damage' becoming zero, and two items that are advantageous for attribute damage weapons I have owned it since the beginning.

Considering the compatibility between the character and the weapon, I managed to reach wave 20 when I progressed while acquiring attribute weapon type weapons as a wizard. In the 20th wave, a boss with tremendous physical strength will appear.

I couldn't cut down the boss's physical strength, but I was able to survive the onslaught for 90 seconds and clear it.

Clearing it unlocks further difficulty levels.

In this game, there are no constant enhancement elements that raise the character's abilities across challenges, but various characters and weapons can be obtained depending on the number of enemies defeated, the number of materials obtained, and the enhancement level of the weapon. Since it will be unlocked, the more you play, the more options you will have. Also, at the time of writing the article, it is still in the early access stage, so you can expect further weapons, characters, new elements, etc. to be added in future updates.

The most impressive thing about playing 'Brotato' is that you can freely strengthen your character. There is '

Vampire Survivors ' as a monumental roguelike action of this type, but unlike Vampire Survivors, where once acquired weapons cannot be released and the number of rerolls is limited, you can easily sell your weapons or increase the number of rerolls. Each layer increases the cost, but you can reroll as many times as you want to strengthen your character.

Therefore, not only people who like Vampire Survivors games, but also those who have never played this type of game, and those who say 'Vampire Survivors didn't suit my skin because the luck element was too strong' I felt that it was a game that I really wanted to play.

The PC version of 'Brotato' is distributed on Steam, and the price is 520 yen including tax.

Steam: Brotato


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