``20 Minutes Till Dawn'' review that survives for 20 minutes with barrage and magic, a wonderful fusion of ``Vampire Survivors'' that combines ease and crunchiness and shooting

` `20 Minutes Till'' is a top-down 2D shooting game with a dark atmosphere that combines rogue-like elements that allow you to play differently each time you play with random upgrades, and the exhilaration of repelling enemies approaching with gun shooting. Dawn ' is out on

Steam , Android and iOS . As the title suggests, you can play quickly in 20 minutes per play, unique characters with various unique abilities, various guns with different usability, and depth that strengthens characters with upgrades that greatly change their performance. I found a title that stands out among the ' Vampire Survivors ' games, so I tried playing it immediately.

Steam: 20 Minutes Till Dawn

You can see what kind of game '20 Minutes Till Dawn' is from the following movie.

Van Saba x Shooting Roguelike Action '20 Minutes Till Dawn' Review - YouTube

This time I tried playing the Steam version. The game starts immediately with 'play'.

Then the character selection screen appeared. Since 'Shana' that can be used from the beginning is selected, click 'Select'.

Next is gun selection. Again, select the 'rotary pistol' that is unlocked from the beginning and click 'Select'.

There are three game modes: ``Standard Mode'' where you can survive for 20 minutes, ``Quick Play Mode'' where you can run for half 10 minutes although you cannot unlock the achievements, and ``Endless Mode'' where you can survive an endless battle. Here we have selected the main 'standard mode'.

Select the stage 'Forest' that you can play from the beginning and click 'Play' to start the battle.

The player character is in the center, and can be moved up, down, left, and right with the WASD keys. The left of it is the aim aimed with the mouse, and the number '6' in the lower right means that the number of remaining bullets is 6.

When you find an enemy, aim and shoot with 'left click'. You can also switch to automatic aiming mode by pressing the 'space key' to automatically aim at the nearest enemy. In addition to automatically reloading bullets when they are shot, you can also reload at any time with the 'R key'. I'm playing with a keyboard and mouse this time, but the Steam version also supports controllers.

When you defeat an enemy, it drops a 'soul' on the spot, and when the character approaches the soul, it is automatically picked up. In addition to gaining experience during battle, these souls are also used to unlock characters and weapons, so you should actively collect them.

As you gain experience, you level up and get upgrades by choosing from one of five candidates. This time, I chose 'Ice Mage' that can freeze enemies with a certain probability.

Then the enemy was frozen and stopped. While the number of enemies is small, you can't really feel the effect, but if the enemy is rushing in large numbers, you can target another enemy while the enemy is frozen, so it is useful.

If you come in contact with an enemy or get hit by an enemy's bullets, the health indicated by the heart icon will decrease.

Game over when physical strength runs out.

Once the battle is over, you can unlock characters with earned souls.

The gun selection screen also allows you to unlock new guns.

'Rune' at the top of the screen allows you to raise the character's ability.

The acquisition screen of 'rune' looks something like this. Runes have ``swords'' that give offensive abilities and ``shields'' that serve as defenses, each of which can be strengthened up to a maximum of 5 levels by selecting one from three types. If you maximize the rune on the top row, the runes on the lower row will be released, and you can equip up to 8 runes at the same time, including “sword” and “shield”.

As you progress through the challenges and survive longer, bosses will appear.

After defeating the boss, it dropped a treasure chest.

When you get a treasure chest, you can get one of the three unique abilities that each character has.

Some bosses drop upgrades called 'Books' that greatly change a character's stats.

Survive for 20 minutes with various enhancements to clear.

After clearing the standard mode once, you can challenge the next difficulty level. The difficulty level is up to 15, and the highest difficulty level, 'Darkness 15', is a tough one where a momentary mistake can be fatal.

What sets '20 Minutes Till Dawn' apart from other Vampire Survivors rogue-like games is the moderate amount of action elements incorporated into the game system. Targeting is basically left to the automatic aiming function, but if you switch to manual aiming and aim at self-destructing enemies, or fire a barrage at a boss with a troublesome attack, you can greatly increase your survival rate. can. Thanks to that, I felt that it was a good balance between an approachable game that can be cleared even if you are not good at shooting games, and a technical element that gives you an advantage in battle depending on your play skill.

Since the movement speed is greatly reduced while shooting, sometimes it is necessary to decide to stop attacking and focus on evasion.

It is also a point that various enhancements are possible by combining 12 unique characters, guns with different strengths, and various upgrades.

For example, by acquiring the character 'Abby' with the ability to fire guns, the 'Dual Submachine Gun' with a large number of bullets, and the upgrade that releases magic every time a certain number of bullets are fired, you will be able to set up a barrage. .

You can also combine Lilith, which has the ability to summon spirits when you defeat enemies, and Bat Gun, which summons bats that automatically attack enemies, and fill the screen with your allies. .

It's still in early access, so more characters, upgrades, and more may be added in the future. There is also a browser version '10 Minutes Till Dawn' that you can play for free, so if you are interested, it is recommended that you try the browser version first.

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