MrBeast, the world's highest-earning YouTuber, also uploads videos to X (formerly Twitter), but it is pointed out that advertisements are displayed without labels

MrBeast, a YouTuber who has over 200 million subscribers on YouTube and is the most followed individual in the world, has previously posted videos as a ``test to see how much ad revenue X (formerly Twitter) generates''. I made a test post to X, who has not posted. MrBeast seems to be running an ad on X to promote this post, but there have been reports that the ad does not have an 'ad' label.

X appears to be juicing MrBeast's views as Elon Musk tries to woo the YouTuber to the platform | Mashable

This is the test video posted by MrBeast on X. The story is about transferring from a nearly scrapped 1 dollar (about 150 yen) car to an increasingly expensive car, and at the time of writing the article had been viewed more than 150 million times.

MrBeast conducted a survey to find out how much profit it would make. The most popular prediction was $10,000 (about 1.5 million yen).

This attempt itself is very interesting, but according to the news site Mashable, the advertisements they are running to promote this video are being displayed on other users' timelines without an 'ad' label. . X user @SHL0MS said the ad has already appeared on his timeline seven times. The post in question looks like a so-called advertising post, with no posting time displayed anywhere, but there are no labels such as 'Ad' or 'Promotion' to clearly indicate that it is an advertisement.

However, @SHL0MS showed a screenshot of the menu that appears when you click the icon in the top right corner of a post, and there is an item that says 'Not interested in this ad,' so the post in question clarifies that it is an advertisement.

Cody Johnston, who has not updated the X app in a year, has reported that 'Ad' is displayed on the post. This indicates that the ad in question was properly delivered via X's advertising platform.

According to Mashable, X has been ``distributing advertising posts without advertising labels'' since September 2023. It is unclear whether the issue of not having an ad label attached to the post in question is the result of MrBeast's actions or something on X's part.

In response to Garbage Day , a site that pointed out MrBeast's post, a spokesperson for that's right.

In addition, Mr. Elon Musk, the owner of X, has called on creators to upload content directly to YouTube is the only one that will compensate me.'' As he said, he did not upload videos to X.

According to Mashable, there are whispers within X that ``The revenue distribution amount is not determined by a fixed number of views like other platforms, so it is impossible to calculate how much you can earn.'' , the earnings report that MrBeast is scheduled to release at a later date is attracting attention.

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