Reply destination information is no longer displayed in Twitter's reply, it is unknown whether it is a specification change or a bug

On Twitter, the reply to the tweet, ``Reply'', shows which account the reply is for, but this notation has disappeared. On Twitter's timeline, replies from the accounts you follow may flow, but since you don't know who the reply is to, you can't tell if it's a tweet or a reply.

Tweet replies no longer show who users are replying to - The Verge

On Twitter, the reply had the notation 'Replying to @○○ (account name)' or 'Reply to: @○○ (account name)' to indicate who the tweet was replying to.

However, this notation suddenly disappeared. When you display a tweet, a list of replies is displayed below it, but this reply no longer displays 'who is the reply to'. Similarly, in the reply that flows on the timeline, the notation 'Reply to: @○○ (account name)' has disappeared.

However, in Twitter embeddings and some replies, the notation 'Reply to: @○○ (account name)' remains so that you can see who the reply is to. Also, TweetDeck , Twitter's official client, seems to clearly indicate who the reply is for.

The Verge pointed out, ``This is probably just a bug,'' because the notation ``Reply to: @○○ (account name)'' may or may not be displayed by platform. The cause is said to be the drastic personnel reduction on Twitter by Mr. Elon Musk and the confusion in product development.

The Verge is asking Twitter to comment on the disappearance of the ``Reply to: @○○ (account name)'' notation, but Twitter reveals the details simply by automatically replying with a poop pictogram. It seems that they are not.

In addition, The Verge's social media manager Tristan Cooper tweeted, ``I like that all replies now look like vague sub-tweets on the timeline,'' and to whom He seemed to like the fact that he didn't know if it was a reply.

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