Twitter is working on the development of a new function 'Birdwatch' to eradicate false information

Twitter is reportedly working on a new feature called Birdwatch . Birdwatch is a feature in the development stage and the release date is unknown at the time of article creation, but it seems to be a tool that helps eradicate tweets that may harm users such as advertisements and misinformation.

Twitter's'Birdwatch' looks like a new attempt to root out propaganda and misinformation --The Verge

Technology researcher Jane Manchun Wong first reported the existence of Birdwatch. In August 2020, Wong said, 'Twitter is working on a moderation tool to monitor misinformation spread on the service. Moderators will flag tweets and see if they are misleading. You can vote and leave a note about the tweet. ' The screenshot pasted in Wong's tweet is the screen of the moderation tool in the development stage, and when you actually add a memo, it will be as follows. In addition, Twitter has a case where some users try out the function in the development stage in advance, and it seems that Mr. Wong discovered this.

In addition, in late September 2020, social media consultant Matt Navarra discovered a new feature in development called 'Birdwatch'.

It seems that the memo screen of Birdwatch was no longer accessible when Navarra discovered it. From the existence of the memo screen, it is speculated that Birdwatch may be the name of the moderation tool discovered by Mr. Wong.

In addition, on October 3, 2020, Wong updated information about Birdwatch. Wong describes Birdwatch as a 'crowdsourcing misinformation countermeasure tool' and says that it will be a tool that users can use by checking the form screen. In addition, it seems that it is designed so that the user can measure the degree of 'how malicious is it actually?' By answering the form screen.

In response to Wong's tweet detailing Birdwatch, Twitter product development team leader Kayvon Beykpour replied, 'We're excited to share our plans for Birdwatch soon.' , Has revealed that the official release of Birdwatch is coming soon.

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