YouTube adds a function to publish short videos exclusively to paid members & it turns out that 25% of YouTubers who earn money earn money from short videos

YouTube has announced the ability to set short videos as members-only content. In addition, it has been reported that the total number of short video views per day has reached 70 billion, and that 25% of YouTubers who earn money earn money from short videos.

Sharing your passion on YouTube pays off: An update on Shorts revenue share - YouTube Blog

The following is the 'New feature introduction video for short videos' released by the official YouTube channel. A function to publish short videos as content exclusive to members of the paid benefit service ' Channel Membership ' and a function to publish them in advance only to members will be added. You can also set existing short videos as members-only content later.

According to YouTube, short videos are viewed more than 70 billion times a day. It has also been reported that 25% of participants in the YouTube Partner Program , which allows users to earn money from YouTube, receive revenue from short videos.

Please see the link below for detailed rules for receiving revenue from short videos.

YouTube Shorts monetization policy - YouTube Help

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