YouTube starts expanding shopping functions due to declining advertising revenue

YouTube is developing YouTube shorts to compete with short video platform TikTok. Newly, it was reported that YouTube is working on the development of `` a function that allows you to shop while checking YouTube shorts ''.

YouTube expands shopping features following digital advertising slowdown | Financial Times

YouTube Shorts begins testing shopping features and affiliate marketing | TechCrunch

YouTube is bringing shopping features to Shorts as it chases TikTok - The Verge

According to a report by the Financial Times, YouTube is starting to introduce shopping features to YouTube shorts, allowing some creators in the United States to test the ability to tag products in their online shops. And users in the United States, India, Brazil, Canada, and Australia will be able to shop while watching short videos by looking at tags. It seems that YouTube plans to offer tagging functionality for creators in more countries in the future.

In addition to the shopping function, YouTube is also experimenting with an affiliate program in the United States, where creators will be able to earn commissions by selling recommended products in short videos and regular videos. YouTube says the test is still in its early stages and plans to expand the pilot to more creators in 2023.

When overseas media TechCrunch contacted YouTube about the shopping function, a spokesperson for the company said, ``We firmly believe that YouTube is the best place for creators to build their businesses, and the shopping function will be part of it.'' It seems that there was a reply.

The shopping function is being tested as a way to enhance the functionality of YouTube shorts, but YouTube plans to monetize YouTube shorts from 2023. Creators can receive 45% of short video ad revenue by getting 1000 or more subscribers and 10 million or more views in the past 90 days.

Announced that YouTube will revise its partner program so that ``YouTube Short'' will receive 45% of advertising revenue-GIGAZINE

According to YouTube's parent company Alphabet's third quarter 2022 financial results, the number of monthly users of YouTube shorts has exceeded 1.5 billion and is growing steadily. However, overall YouTube advertising revenue decreased by 1.9% year-on-year, and overall growth is slowing down.

Google parent company Alphabet announces financial results for the third quarter of 2022, sales of advertising & search are strong, but YouTube sales decrease for the first time in two years-GIGAZINE

Over the past few years, YouTube has expanded its shopping capabilities on the platform, announcing ads that allow direct purchase of products and the ability to purchase products from live streams . In other words, YouTube may be trying to expand the shopping function to support the sluggish growth of advertising, which is the main source of income.

It should be noted that not only YouTube is investing in shopping functions, TikTok offers its own shop function 'TikTok Shop' in the UK and parts of Southeast Asia, and has started testing TikTok Shop in the United States . was reported. In addition, Instagram, owned by Meta, also implements a shopping function.

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