Affiliate program that pays referral fee by subscribing to Apple Podcast to be introduced

Apple is

rolling out Apple Podcasts , a podcast distribution service, and in April 2021, it was announced that the paid subscription service 'Apple Podcast Subscription' would be rolled out. And on May 20, 2021, Apple announced a new affiliate program that pays referral fees to those who have increased their Apple Podcasts subscriptions.

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The Apple Podcasts subscription service is a mechanism for podcast creators to set their own content and subscription fees, giving subscribers access to the benefits they offer without ads. Apple has stated that subscription services will be available in more than 170 countries and territories from May 2021, but subscription services have not been launched at the time of writing.

Prior to rolling out such a subscription service, Apple announced a new affiliate program. According to Apple, if a new user clicks on a shared affiliate link to sign up for a subscription, 50% of the subscription fee will be returned to the affiliate link creator as a referral fee. The referral fee is paid only in the first payment month. For example, if one person subscribes to the 'subscription fee 1000 yen' podcast via affiliate link, the referrer will be paid only once 'referral fee 500 yen'. Will be paid.

Users need to fill out an application form to start an affiliate program, and after Apple's review, they will be able to access the dashboard that generates affiliate links. It is possible to generate multiple affiliate links for a specific podcast, and it is possible to measure how much the number of subscribers differs depending on the method of introduction.

In addition to sharing affiliate links in the form of URLs, you can also link to the 'Listen on Apple Podcast' badge or share with a QR code. In addition, it can be combined with players that can be embedded in the website, allowing players to publish free samples of podcasts and encourage interested people to subscribe to the subscription service.

Anyone can sign up for an affiliate program, but it's basically a subscription service, as Apple said in its introduction to the program, 'This is a simple way to maximize your income on Apple Podcasts.' It seems that it is supposed to be used by creators who provide.

For some time, Apple has run an affiliate program called 'Apple Services Performance Partners, ' which has paid referral fees to affiliate link users for Apple Music subscriptions, movies, books, audiobook purchases, and more. The affiliate program for Apple Podcasts is part of this, and the new affiliate program will be launched in all countries and regions where subscription services are available.

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