Apple introduces ``conditional pricing'' for app developers, allowing subscription users to be offered a discounted price for another subscription

On December 15, 2023, Apple announced that developers will be able to set conditional discount rates for subscription services on the App Store.

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Apple announced ``conditional pricing,'' which allows users who are registered with a specific subscription service to be offered a discounted price on another subscription service.

As an example of ``conditional pricing,'' overseas media outlet 9to5Mac said, ``Ocean Journal subscribers can subscribe to Mountain Climber, which normally costs $5.99 per month (approximately 850 yen), for $4.99 per month (approximately 700 yen). 'It's something that can be presented.'

Apple says conditional pricing is 'a new feature that helps us attract and retain new subscribers. As long as a user is enrolled in one subscription, they can use another subscription at a discounted rate.' I am introducing this.

Apple also states that conditional pricing 'can be applied to subscriptions from one developer or two different developers,' meaning that conditional pricing can be applied to subscription services even if they're not from the same developer. It emphasizes that you can benefit from the settings.

Regarding conditional pricing for subscriptions, Apple says, ``We are currently introducing this feature on an experimental basis and plan to make it available to many developers in the coming months.'' Additionally, developers interested in conditional pricing are encouraged to join the waitlist and are advised that further details will be announced in January 2024.

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