Elon Musk is considering raising the price of Twitter Blue for iPhone only to $ 11 per month

Regarding the price of the paid service ' Twitter Blue ' provided by Twitter, CEO Elon Musk said, 'If you pay through the web, the monthly fee is $ 7 (about 960 yen), and if you pay through the iOS version application, the monthly fee is $ 11 (about 1500 yen. ),” he reportedly told some employees.

Twitter to Change Blue Pricing After Apple Spat — The Information

Twitter Blue will reportedly cost more from iPhones to offset 'hidden 30 percent tax' - The Verge

Twitter will reportedly charge $11 on iOS for Blue subscription to offset App Store fees | TechCrunch

Twitter Blue, which started in June 2021, was reborn in November 2022 as a subscription service that can be contracted only via iOS for $ 7.99 per month (about 1100 yen).

Elon Mask officially released 'New Twitter Blue' where you can buy a certified badge for 1200 yen per month, and the gray official check mark will be immediately abolished - GIGAZINE

However, the deployment of Twitter Blue was suspended due to the emergence of many accounts impersonating various companies and celebrities using the `` blue certified checkmark '' that was a benefit of Twitter Blue. Some reports have speculated that Twitter Blue will not resume until it finds a way around Apple's fees.

Elon Musk will not resume Twitter Blue until he finds a way to avoid Apple's fees - GIGAZINE

Apple's App Store will impose a 30% fee called 'Apple Tax' on in-app purchases. According to IT news media The Information, Musk has instructed some employees to raise the monthly fee to $11 if they activate their Twitter Blue subscription through the App Store. . TechCrunch, an IT news site, speculates that the 30% increase from $ 7.99 is $ 10.38, so it may have been set at $ 11, which is a good cut. In other words, Elon Musk seems to have chosen to charge the monthly fee for Twitter Blue for iOS plus the fee to be paid to Apple instead of avoiding the fee to be paid to Apple.

At the time of writing the article, Mr. Mask does not seem to have mentioned that Twitter Blue will be available for Android, but since Google also takes a commission of up to 30% for in-app purchases, Twitter Blue is available in the Android version app. Even if you activate the subscription for , expect it to be $11 a month.

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