Netflix begins refusing to accept payments via Apple

Netflix, which has been accepting payments through Apple's payment services for some time, has started telling users to use other payment methods.

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Netflix has been exploring ways to collect usage fees from users without going through Apple's payment service because the fees charged by Apple's App Store are too high. Due to increased restrictions on Apple , Netflix began refusing to allow new and returning subscribers to pay through Apple , but users who already paid their subscription fees through Apple were unable to do so. Until now, it was still possible to pay through Apple.

However, we now know that this system is starting to change, and existing customers will no longer be able to pay through Apple.

According to foreign media The Streamable, Netflix has begun notifying customers in some regions that ``if you want to continue your subscription, you need to find a new payment method.'' Netflix's official website also notes that ``Apple users in some countries may be asked to add another payment method.''

If a service provider such as Netflix accepts payments through Apple, the service provider must pay a 15-30% fee to Apple. Although there are companies that provide payment services with lower fees, until now Apple has not allowed in-app payments using external services, and service providers that distribute apps for Apple devices are basically We were only able to offer payment methods provided by Apple. Furthermore, Apple also prohibited links to external sites within the app, so Netflix had long suspended new registrations from the Netflix app for Apple devices.

After subsequent lawsuits , service providers were able to guide users about external payment methods, and only reader apps were allowed to include links to external websites within their apps, so Netflix We have set up a link to our website and have resumed accepting new registrations from the Netflix app for Apple devices.

It is reported that Netflix has started embedding links to ``external membership registration sites'' in the iOS app - GIGAZINE

However, if a user makes a payment via Apple such as Apple Pay, a fee will be charged. Netflix has responded by refusing to pay through Apple for new and returning subscribers, and now by refusing to accept payments from existing users as well, in an attempt to completely avoid being charged fees by Apple. Looks like it's there. Regarding payments, Netflix encourages users to use external payment services such as Visa and MasterCard.

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