Twitter starts distributing advertising revenue to Twitter Blue users, some people receive millions of yen

Twitter, which has undergone various changes since being acquired by Elon Musk , has made it possible for anyone to buy a verified badge on Twitter Blue from the end of 2022. After that, Mr. Mask said, ' We will distribute advertising revenue to Twitter Blue users, ' but finally advertising revenue is beginning to be distributed to Twitter Blue users.

Twitter starts sharing ad revenue with verified creators | TechCrunch

Twitter has begun distributing a portion of the advertising revenue earned from ads delivered in the reply column of tweets to users. A share of advertising revenue is available to Twitter Blue subscribers who have received more than 5 million tweet impressions per month in the past three months.

Mr. Mask said about Twitter's advertising revenue distribution on June 10, 2023, ``In the next few weeks, Twitter plans to start paying for ads delivered in reply to creators.The initial total distribution is 500. 10,000 dollars (about 690 million yen),' he tweeted.

Regarding Twitter's advertising revenue sharing, Musk said, 'Revenue sharing to content creators has been cumulative since February 2023, when we promised revenue sharing.'

In addition, Twitter seems to pay advertising revenue via Stripe.

Journalist and author Brian Krassenstein, who has 753,000 followers and 10 subscriptions, reported receiving $ 24,305 (about 3.3 million yen) in the first advertising revenue share. I'm here.

SK, a musician with 232,000 followers, reported that he received $ 2,236 (about 300,000 yen).

Journalist Benny Johnson, who has 1,726,000 followers, reported that he received $ 9,546 (about 1.3 million yen).

Ashley St. Clair, who has 710,000 followers, reports that he will receive $ 7153 (about 980,000 yen). In addition, it seems that the total number of tweet impressions of Clair since February is about 840 million times when roughly calculated. Based on this, it is calculated that you can receive $ 8.52 (about 1170 yen) per million impressions. It is unclear whether the cost per impression will change for each user.

@levelsio, who reported that he had 305,000 followers and received $ 3,899 (about 540,000 yen), said that if he had 10,000 followers, he would get $ 25 a month (about 3,400 yen) and 100,000 followers. We estimate that you can earn about $ 250 a month (about 34,000 yen), and if you have 1 million followers, you can earn about $ 2,500 a month (about 340,000 yen).

Twitter has a structural problem that ``it is very difficult to decide which creators should distribute the revenue generated from the advertisements delivered in the feed''. This is a problem that other platforms such as TikTok have as well. Therefore, Twitter distributes revenue generated from advertisements displayed in user replies to creators.

You can check Twitter's monetization criteria by checking the following page of Twitter. For example, violent or adult content is not eligible for monetization.

Content Monetization Criteria | Twitter Help

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