X's (formerly Twitter) ad revenue sharing program expands to Japan, number of impressions needed to monetize triples

In July 2023, X (formerly Twitter), which has taken various measures to turn a profit, began distributing advertising revenue to Twitter Blue users of the paid subscription service. Initially, only users in some countries were eligible for distribution, but X's official account announced on July 28, local time, that it would expand the advertising revenue sharing program worldwide.

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The advertising revenue distribution program that X started in July is to distribute part of the advertising revenue obtained from the advertisement displayed in the reply column of the post to the creator who posted it. The total amount of the first distribution was 5 million dollars (about 700 million yen), and some users reported that they received distributions of several million yen.

Twitter starts distributing advertising revenue to Twitter Blue users, some people receive millions of yen - GIGAZINE

And on July 28th, X announced that it would expand its advertising revenue sharing program worldwide, including Japan. ``We want X to be the best place on the internet to make a living as creators. This is our first step in rewarding your efforts,'' said X. .

Looking at the help page for the advertising revenue sharing program, the monetization requirements are `` Twitter Blue or a certified organization '' `` Cumulative impressions of posts within the past 3 months must be 15 million or more '' `` 500 people Having more followers'. In addition, the requirement at the time of the first revenue sharing was ``the cumulative impressions in the past three months must be 5 million or more'', but it seems that the requirement for the number of impressions has been tripled. .

Eligible creators who have turned on monetization will be able to receive payment in the week of July 31st if the distribution amount exceeds $ 50 (about 7000 yen) after meeting the requirements.

To turn on monetization with your X account, open Monetization from Settings and click on Ad Revenue Share to configure your settings. Payment of distributions uses

Stripe , an online payment service, so you need to create a Stripe account before receiving distributions.

'Japan' is also included in the list of countries where the Ad Revenue Sharing Program is available.

In a quoted retweet of the official post, X CEO Linda Yaccarino said, 'This is an absolute game changer for creators.'

In addition, regarding X's advertising revenue sharing program, the distribution system is criticized, such as ``While some far-right influencers receive distributions, there are users who do not receive distributions even though they meet the requirements.'' It has also been pointed out that it is not transparent.

Pointed out that 'Twitter's revenue distribution to users' is opaque and unequal-GIGAZINE

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