TikTok is reportedly developing a paid feature

TikTok is considering renovating the creator fund in response to the indication that

the creator's income decreases as the scale expands , but in order to become a platform that makes others feel `` worthwhile and rewarding '' , It seems that the development of the paywall function is underway. If realized, it will be possible to 'show videos only to those who paid an arbitrary amount'.

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According to the news site The Information, TikTok's planned paywall function is to watch videos by paying $ 1 (about 130 yen) or any amount set by the creator. Creators will be able to offer exclusive content only to paying fans.

In addition, it has been pointed out that the amount that creators can earn is limited to the ``Creator Fund'', which pools 1 billion dollars (about 130 billion yen) over 3 years, which started in 2020, and is eligible to participate. After raising the requirement to 100,000 followers, we plan to gradually develop revisions that will pay more to creators who have uploaded longer videos. The new fund is already being tested in France and Brazil, and is expected to begin testing in the United States in March 2023.

Other platforms have also come up with countermeasures against TikTok, which shows its strengths in short videos. For example, from February 2023, YouTube will monetize short videos and receive advertising revenue.

In order to receive advertising revenue from short videos on YouTube from February 1, 2023, it is necessary to agree to the new regulations by July 10 to continue monetizing on YouTube due to the revision of the partner program-GIGAZINE

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