The golden badge attached to Twitter's ``authenticated organization'' will not be refunded even if the 130,000 yen required for the application does not receive the badge

Twitter has released `

` Blue for Business '', which provides a gold check mark as a version for companies and organizations of the certified badge (blue check mark). In this 'Blue for Business', you can receive a gold check mark by paying $ 1000 (134,000 yen) and becoming a Twitter certified organization . However, it has become clear that the $1,000 used for the application will not be refunded even if it is not recognized as a Twitter verified organization.

Twitter will keep your $1,000 if you apply for Verified Organizations status and don't get it |

The golden check mark provided by Twitter as a certified badge for companies is attached to the account when the company pays $ 1,000 and is reviewed by Twitter, clears the review, and becomes a 'Twitter certified organization'. Thing.

A help center page detailing Twitter-verified organizations was secretly updated to include the sentence, 'Any account that is not approved will not be refunded.' This is a hot topic. There is a sentence in the problem in the item part 'How to apply' on the following page.

Verified Organizations

Security researcher Chris Boyd discovered this sentence. He tweeted, ``I discovered that I needed to read the terms of service in case someone applied for an authenticated organization on Twitter ($1,000) and was denied.''

According to Twitter's terms of service, it seems that it is necessary to first pay $1,000 in advance to become a Twitter-certified organization to receive a gold check mark, and Mashable, an overseas media company, said, ``Prepayment to receive a gold check mark. It's more like a non-refundable application fee.'

In fact, FeFe , a VTuber with more than 600,000 channel subscribers, said, ``On Twitter, you need to pay $1,000 in advance to apply for a gold check mark, but even if your application is rejected, you still have to pay $1,000. I can't get my money back. What should I do? Elon Musk has stolen $1000 from my bank account.'

FeFe has succeeded in using a lawyer to refund $ 1000 to Twitter.

It's unclear when the Twitter Verified Organizations policy was updated, but the Help Center page detailing Twitter Verified Organizations as of March 24, 2023 has a sentence in question: did not do it.

In addition, as announced in advance from April 21, Twitter has ' deleted the blue check mark from authenticated accounts that are not subscribed to Twitter Blue '. This is a measure to get more users to join Twitter Blue, which is one of the latest money measures by Twitter.

While Twitter's traditional blue authenticated badge is deleted, it is discovered that Elon Mask is paying for some celebrities' authenticated badges on his own - GIGAZINE

Mashable points out that it is clear that the statement that Twitter does not accept refunds of $ 1000 added to Twitter authenticated organizations is also one of Twitter's money measures.

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