Amazon develops a cashier-less clothing store system where you can try on clothes and go home

Amazon has opened ``

Amazon Go '' physical stores without cashiers in multiple cities, and is deploying ` `Just Walk Out Technology '', a cashierless store system developed at Amazon Go, for retail stores. Newly, Amazon announced Just Walk Out technology using RFID tags for clothing stores.

Amazon debuts new RFID capability for Just Walk Out tech

Amazon Go, a physical store that Amazon has opened in several cities, does not have a cash register, but instead uses cameras and sensors throughout the store to recognize the products customers pick up. This allows customers to complete their purchase by simply having the Amazon Go app and picking up the item. If you read the article below about actually going to Amazon Go, you will be able to understand the process from entering the store to purchasing a product and what the inside of the store looks like.

I tried a new ``cashier-free'' shopping experience at the cashier-less convenience store ``Amazon Go'' - GIGAZINE

Amazon sells the cashierless store system adopted by Amazon Go to retail stores by naming it Just Walk Out technology. Conventional Just Walk Out technology uses cameras and sensors deployed in-store to track customer actions such as picking up items and returning items to the shelf.

However, according to Amazon, in stores that sell clothing, actions such as ``removing clothes from hangers,'' ``checking the texture of the fabric,'' and ``returning clothes to another location'' occur, so systems using cameras and sensors cannot handle this. That's what he said. Therefore, Amazon has developed a new Just Walk Out technology using RFID tags.

Stores that have introduced Just Walk Out technology using RFID tags do not need to deploy cameras or sensors; they can simply attach RFID tags to products.

The payment procedure is as follows. First, head to the exit with your product and register your payment information on the terminal installed at the exit. In addition to credit cards, you can also use the palm payment system ``

Amazon One '' to make payments.

After that, all you have to do is go through the gate with the product and your purchase is complete. At this time, it is OK to hold the product in your hand or wear it.

The Just Walk Out technology, which uses RFID tags, has already been tested at a match venue for the Seattle Kraken ice hockey team, with good results.

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