Amazon's cash-free payment system has appeared in supermarkets, eliminating the need to go through the cash register just by holding your hand

The American supermarket chain 'Whole Foods Market ', which became a subsidiary of Amazon in 2017, announced that it will introduce Amazon's cash-free payment system ' Just Walk Out'.

Whole Foods Market launches Just Walk Out shopping in two stores

Just Walk Out is a cashier-less payment system developed and provided by Amazon. At the beginning of the announcement, this system said, 'All the products you pick up are detected by sensors, etc., and when a shopper reads a credit card into the store and enters the store, the payment is completed just by leaving the store without going through the cash register.' As the name suggests, it was a 'just walk out' system.

Amazon launches cash-free payment technology 'Just Walk Out' to retailers --GIGAZINE

However, Just Walk Out, which will be introduced to Whole Foods Market, has evolved even further. It is the same that shoppers check in in some way when entering the store, but in addition to reading the credit card, it is compatible with the system 'Amazon One' that allows payment by simply holding up the palm of the hand, and 'Amazon app' Two methods have been added: 'Hold the QR code with' 'Register your credit card, phone number, and palm print on Amazon One in advance, and then just hold your palm over'. Whole Foods Market had already introduced Amazon One before the introduction of Just Walk Out.

Just Walk Out is almost the same technology that Amazon is introducing at convenience stores such as 'Amazon Go' that does not require cash register, and as of 2020, Amazon will 'make this technology a retail store under the name Just Walk Out'. We will develop it. ' You can check what the shopping experience on Amazon Go looks like in the following article.

I tried a new shopping experience of 'registration free' at the convenience store 'Amazon Go' without cash register --GIGAZINE

This time, Whole Foods Market plans to introduce Just Walk Out at two stores in the United States. Shoppers can choose between Just Walk Out and regular cashier payments when entering the store. Regarding whether or not to introduce Just Walk Out to all stores in the United States, 'I would like to consider how customers will accept Just Walk Out at pre-installed stores.'

'We hope that the combination of Just Walk Out and Whole Foods Market's quality services will be a truly amazing experience for our customers and we look forward to seeing how they spend their time,' Amazon said. ..

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