Age proof by government-issued ID is also possible with Amazon One, a payment service that can be paid just by holding Amazon's hand

At Amazon Go , a physical store operated by Amazon, the biometric authentication service ' Amazon One ', which enables payment by linking a credit card with the palm of the hand, is used in some stores in the United States. Amazon has announced that it is now possible to perform not only credit card payments but also `` age authentication by government-issued ID (identification) '' with such Amazon One.

Amazon One launches age verification for beer, alcohol purchases

Amazon's palm-scanning technology can let you buy a drink without getting out your ID - The Verge

You can understand what kind of service Amazon One is by reading the following article.

Amazon announces 'Amazon One', a device that allows you to pay just by holding your hand - GIGAZINE

With the introduction of Amazon One, it is now possible to make payments simply by holding the palm over the device without taking out your wallet or smartphone. However, when purchasing alcoholic beverages, it is necessary to present a government-issued ID.

Therefore, Amazon has updated the palm vein pattern that is linked to the credit card on Amazon One with the personal identification information. Users registered with Amazon One will be able to use the age verification function by uploading a photo of a government-issued ID such as a driver's license and a photo of themselves. Amazon One does not store IDs, and age verification is done by an ID verification provider certified by ISO27001 .

For example, when you want to drink alcohol at a bar, if you hold your palm over the Amazon One payment device, it will display whether the user is over 21 years old along with the uploaded user's face photo. The bar employee checks the user's face photo and age displayed on the screen and moves to the payment step. With this, users will be able to order alcohol by simply holding their palms at the bar.

Amazon One's age verification feature will first be offered at Coors Field, the home stadium of the Colorado Rockies . Beer and other alcoholic beverages are served at sports facilities such as Coors Field, but since many of the spectators are minors, strict age checks are required. If age verification by Amazon One becomes possible, it is expected that the time required for purchasing will be shortened and convenience will be improved.

'Coors Field is the first sports stadium to use cutting-edge biometric technology like Amazon One for age verification, providing a frictionless experience,' said John McKay, senior director of foodservice operations and development for the Colorado Rockies. Colorado Rockies fans will be able to grab a drink and get back in the game faster.'

Amazon One's age verification function is available only at Coors Field at the time of writing, but it is planned to be deployed at more facilities in 2023.

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