Google plans to officially offer iFixit and a mechanism that allows you to repair the foldable smartphone ``Pixel Fold'' yourself, battery, display, charging port, etc. can be repaired

``Right to repair'', which allows users to repair electric charge products purchased by themselves, has been claimed, and smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have officially provided kits and manuals that allow users to repair themselves. I'm here. It is reported that Google will provide a repair kit for the foldable smartphone ' Google Pixel Fold ' in cooperation with electronics repair company iFixit.

Pixel Fold will have official DIY repair parts

Need a Google Pixel Fold repair? You can DIY it with Google's help

Google announced in April 2022 that it will partner with iFixit to sell genuine parts necessary for repairing the Pixel series, which is a smartphone developed in-house. In fact, from July 2022, we will start selling parts such as the Pixel series screen, battery, charging port, and tools necessary for repair.

Google will start selling repair parts for genuine smartphone 'Pixel' in cooperation with iFixit, and will support future new models - GIGAZINE

Foldable smartphones are less durable and more fragile than regular smartphones. In addition, it is difficult to repair because it has a more complicated internal structure than a normal smartphone.

Google's foldable smartphone `` Pixel Fold '', which is scheduled to be released in July 2023, has already been reported in advance reviews by various media as `` broken in just 4 days '', and other folding smartphones It has been pointed out that it is prone to failure as well.

Reported that Google Pixel Fold broke in 4 days of use, is there a problem with screen protection - GIGAZINE

So, when 9to5Google, a Google-related news site, asked a Google spokesperson, it was revealed that Pixel Fold will also officially provide repair parts and repair manuals such as batteries, displays, and charging ports.

A Google spokesperson told 9to5Google, ``For out-of-warranty Pixel Folds, we offer out-of-warranty repairs by mail and drop-in, and will also make parts, repair guides, and tools available via iFixit. We also plan to offer an extended warranty, specifically for the Pixel Fold, which will provide our customers with coverage for accidental damage and mechanical failure after the warranty has expired.This extended warranty will be available on our monthly plans. Or with a one-time payment, this service allows customers to repair their Fold or replace it if necessary, with a deductible.'

Samsung also officially provides repair parts and manuals for smartphones, but regarding the folding smartphones ' Galaxy Z Fold ' and ' Galaxy Z Flip ', the display is fragile and the internal structure of the folding smartphone is complicated. As such, we do not provide kits or manuals to repair it yourself.

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