Microsoft finally announces the end of support for Assistant AI 'Cortana' on Windows

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Microsoft has announced in a support document that it will discontinue the voice AI assistant `` Cortana '' for Windows in the second half of 2023. Microsoft has also revealed that it will provide AI support ' Windows Copilot ' in the preview of Windows 11 released in June 2023.

End of support for Cortana in Windows - Microsoft Support

RIP: Microsoft is finally killing Cortana on Windows

Cortana first appeared in 2014 as a virtual assistant for Windows Phone 8.1 .

Microsoft officially announces voice recognition assistant 'Cortana', available from the end of April 2014 - GIGAZINE

Cortana was also introduced to Windows 10 in 2015 and became linked with various Microsoft products, but was later separated from the Windows taskbar and installed in Windows as an independent application.

In August 2020, it was announced that support for the Cortana app for smartphones and smart speakers with Cortana would be discontinued.

Microsoft will end some support such as smartphone application of AI assistant 'Cortana' - GIGAZINE

In a support document, Microsoft said, ``After the second half of 2023, we will no longer support Cortana on Windows as an independent app.'' According to Microsoft, Cortana can still be used in Outlook for mobile, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams Displays , and Microsoft Teams Rooms .

Additionally, Microsoft introduces Windows 11 voice control features, the new Bing , Microsoft 365 Copilot and Windows Copilot as 'cortana replacements'.

“Windows Copilot” is an assistant AI announced at the conference “ Microsoft Build 2023 ” held in May 2023, and is a function that automatically performs and supports various tasks performed on Windows 11. Microsoft says it will be available with the Windows 11 preview, which will be released in June 2023.

It is decided that Windows 11 will be equipped with a super-excellent chat AI ``Windows Copilot'', and there are many useful functions such as ``Summary of documents'', ``Launch applications according to tasks'', ``Tidy up windows''-GIGAZINE

XDA Developers, a developer forum and news site, confirmed with Aaron Woodman, Microsoft's vice president of Windows marketing, that Mr. Woodman said, ``Windows Copilot is not a replacement for Cortana, it is completely different. It has a purpose,' he said.

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