"Cortana" running on Windows 10 looks something like this

Microsoft is a speech recognition assistant operating on Windows 8.1Cortana (Cortana)Although it is announcing, the movie in which the pre-release version of Cortana is running is published in "Windows 10" which is the latest version of Windows OS.

Exclusive: Here's Cortana running on the desktop in Windows 10

You can see how you are registering reminders and setting alarms for Cortana in Windows 10 from the following movies.

Windows 10: Pre-Release Cortana on Desktop - YouTube

This is pre / release software. It is not a UI of the finished version.

To start Cortana on Windows 10, click the search button in the lower left of the desktop. Even if you call "Hey Cortana" OK.

When the window opens, click "Start Listening" to talk to you. Here we call "Call ○ ○ (the name of a friend registered in the phone book)".

Then Cortana answered the call and Skype launched.

Next time speak to "What's my schedule today? (What are my plans for today?)" ...

The female voice replied that the calendar was called and there was no plan.

Next, when you talk to "Put some in on my calendar" (when you schedule on the calendar), a reply saying "When's your event?"

When telling "5 pm today (17 o'clock of today)", Cortana exchanges conversation with "What should I call it?" You can see that it is available like a daily conversation.

It tells Cortana of pre-release version "Swimming", but it also seems I could not catch it.Siri · Google Now · Cortana speech recognition testSo the answer rate to Cortana's question was the lowest, but because it is a version under development, it is a concern as to how much improvement is possible in the product version.

Also, when you talk about reminder settings ......

It was possible to set up a slightly difficult order including setting of position information such as "show reminders when leaving the office" without problem.

If you say, "Please wake me up at 6 o'clock in the morning's tomorrow", you can instantly set the alarm. In addition, you can operate "Play and stop music", "Launch application", "Check weather" etc. with Cortana. In addition, Cortana's voice actor continues to serve as a peach in the Super Smash Bros. Smash Brothers seriesGen TaylorIt seems that his voice is being used.

Please note that Windows 10 alreadyTechnical preview version releasedAlthough it is being done, the announcement about the timing of the product version release has not been done yet.According to ZDNet"From the summer to the fall of 2015, the developer preview version of Windows 10 or the product version will be released".

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